Tesla To New York Times: It's On

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, vehicle logs in hand, is accusing the New York Times of serious irregularities in a review of the all-electric Model S.

Tesla Motors, the electric car manufacturer, is accusing New York Times auto writer John Broder of serious irregularities in a recent story. Last week, Broder wrote an extremely negative piece on the company which included a long segment describing his poor test drive of a Tesla Model S. Broder claimed, most damningly, that his car completely ran out of energy on a highway. In a blog post, CEO Elon Musk released vehicle logs which appear to contradict Broder's account; Musk also claims that Broder intentionally drove in circles to drain the car's battery. In his post—which only includes partial vehicle logs—Musk claims that Broder is hostile to electric cars in general. Meanwhile, the Atlantic Wire is raising questions of their own about Tesla's partial data set.

Tesla was named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies in 2012 and has heavily hyped the Model S. Musk spoke with the magazine in 2011 about electric cars as well.

[Image: Tesla Motors]

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  • Gyan Parida

    Just from the writing itself, It is very clear that Broder went into this mission just to bad mouth an electric car instead of appreciating how far the technology has come and Elon's contribution to the future of electric cars. No one is saying that electric car technology is ready for prime-time but pretty close. This Broder guy bad mouthing a superb electric car is not a friend of the future for sure. NYT will soon regret defending his position.