Vimeo Buys Echograph, An App That Turns Your Photos Into Animated GIFs

Vimeo makes a play to capture a piece of the short-form multimedia space currently dominated by Twitter's Vine.

Vimeo, the IAC-owned online video platform, has acquired Clear-Media's Echograph, an iOS app that lets you turn your photographs into animated GIFs.

Vimeo's acquisition of Echograph, which it's keeping as a standalone product, is similar to Twitter's purchase and launch of Vine, the video-sharing mobile app that lets you share six-second miniature, real-time films. But where Vine tries to make it as easy and fast as possible for anyone to record and share videos, Echograph panders more to the artistically inclined--think less Instagram, more Photoshop Elements.

Echograph CEO Nick Alt, who will head up Vimeo's mobile group, has a few words for anyone who dismisses GIFs as a passing fad: "When you start seeing professionals gravitate to a format, like we’re seeing with Echograph, it starts becoming less a fad and more about evolving a new storytelling medium," Alt told Co.Design last year.

Echograph, which initially began as an iPad-only app and sold for $2.99, will now be free in the App Store for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

[Image: Echograph]

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  • Kevinbeijing

    Can it be considered an animated GIF if one's unable to save it as a GIF?