Meet Dixie Elixirs' Willy Wonka Of Weed

Legalized marijuana has been good for Tripp Keber's company, which makes everything from marijuana soda to pot brownies.

Tripp Keber wears a pinstripe suit. He used to work on Capitol Hill. And he knows how to make a mean pot brownie.

Keber isn't who you might expect to find running a company that makes marijuana-laced sodas, lozenges, and massage oils. But the managing director of Dixie Elixirs and Edibles is positioned to harvest a whole lot of green now that states including Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational use of marijuana.

Fast Company visited the Denver-based company to get Keber's take on how innovation helps him stay competitive in the modern era of drug dispensing.

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  • Ciaran Murphy

    A risky investment considering that the federal government could put these guys out of business whenever they want. 

  • Victoria King-Voread

    Obviously even conservatives can appreciate the revenue potential for such applications of THC.  Perhaps more states will catch on and as a result their judicial and correctional systems will eliminate considerable backlogs and create space for violent offenders to be detained.

  • pfelgar

    Forgive my ignorance but how do i do the math to figure valuation?  I am looking to invest in this company but am novice to figuring valuation.  What numbers do i need to run green bean to figure its worth about $4.00 a share?

  • Green Bean

    Ok, the actual number is 4.585.
    _(Number of shares outstanding)(Sales Growth Rate)_
           (Current Market Cap)(beta2.5/10)

    I would suggest getting competent financial advice from an experiened investment broker. All stock investments come with some risk.
    This one looks like a good bet.

  • Brookito

    Thanks for the formula Green Bean. Could you please show me how you arrive at the 4.585 number. I have tried with your formula and don't see how you get there. Thanks.

  • Gwv

     Thanks for the formula Green Bean...Just got into stocks just for for the long haul..I feel its a Diamond in the Rough as well!

  • Timmeh

    My friend.. do not worry about the math. Buy shares now and cash out rich later.

  • Charles Barkley

    His company's stock (MJNA) is starting to take off. Its price has quadrupled in the past few weeks. The current (Feb. 13th) share price is around 45 cents.

  • Steve Jobs

    MJNA will issue guidance for 2013 on Feb. 17th. Net income for 2013 is expected to be at least 10 times that of 2012.