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Bing Maps May Reveal Secret U.S. Drone Base

Close-ups of Bing's satellite imagery appear to reveal a secret U.S. drone base in Saudi Arabia used for Predator strikes in Yemen.

Bing Maps appear to have revealed the location of a secret U.S. drone base in Saudi Arabia. Wired's Noah Schachtman reports that close inspection of Bing's satellite imagery reveals a mysterious airstrip on the Saudi Arabia-Yemen border located miles from any roads or villages. Three hangers are located at the airstrip, each large enough to hold Predator and Reaper drones. In Google Maps, the mystery airstrip does not show up at all. Wired's article does not disclose how the publication discovered the airstrip. Aerial maps of recent fatal U.S. drone strikes are already being posted to Instagram.

In other drone/UAV news, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn has grounded the city's drone surveillance program due to public concerns over potential privacy violations. Seattle currently uses two miniature, 3.5-pound helicopters to search for missing persons and for certain criminal investigations. Fast Company recently flew a video drone around Central Park; there is also a growing demand for "nanodrones"—miniature surveillance drones which fit in the palm of your hand.

[Image: Flickr user Marion Doss]