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Get Glue App Gets Makeover With New Features

The new look makes it easy for the startup to monetize with promoted posts from advertisers in users' feeds.

Get Glue, the TV-focused social media service, unveiled a new design and features on its iPhone app Thursday to make it easier for users to see what their friends are watching and the latest updates from their favorite shows in a single feed. Users can also see recaps, photos and viewing times from shows.

Also much like Facebook, the new look makes it easy for the startup to monetize with promoted posts from advertisers in users' feeds. And for users who are fans of the apps' digital stickers, the update comes with good news: getting friends to use the service can earn users free physical stickers sent straight to their house.

For those using the service, let us know in the comments: how much did the update improve your experience?

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  • Jason Gentile

    This new update is terrible.  The previous version allowed users to save images of the "stickers" to use as wallpaper on the phone.  Now, that is not an option and the search feature is so slow and glitchy it needs to be re-opened a few times to search for a show.  I enjoyed using GetGlue, but now it is just terrible.  I am going to try to downgrade to the previous version, if that doesn't work, I am deleting my app.  TERRIBLE UPDATE!  I have not seen any users who actually enjoy the app now.

  • Lycera

    The "upgrade" is laughable.  Not one existing user has expressed liking it.  I've been an active GetGlue user for almost two years, and like so many others, I've watched it go steadily downhill over the past year.  This latest stunt which takes away our ability to check into the things we love most (music, books, and topics) may very well be the last straw many users.  We've had it with a company that refuses to listen to the people who made it what it is today.  What everyone needs to realize is this: television and movies only get the most check-ins because they have stickers.  Stickers, which we are supposed to get in physical form, but we long time and active users don't receive with any regularity. The whole site is practically a joke now.  In short, we hate it.

  • Andrews72

    The so called "upgrade" now gives a much worse experience, no more checking in to music, books or subjects much harder to see what friends are checking into.

  • aromal

    RUBBISH!NEW SITE SUCKS!Should be given a big fat zero.Spoiled it for all loyal users!No point staying on now/

  • B.B

    I've been using GetGlue for over 2 years and this latest upgrade is a downgrade in my eyes. The site is a piece of garbage now. I love checking in to music & topics, books and now its just TV & movies. I don't watch all day. GetGlue is TERRIBLE now. I bet their ratings drop like a box of hot rocks. 

  • LISA

    Their update is horrible!!! I haven't seen one single positive commnt by an existng user one the foums within the program.  Everything going out to the media is bogus propagnda. Users are in an upoar about the capabilities that have been stripped away and the problems with the new program slowing down and crashing.  The site already had many problematic issues that the company has long promised to fix and hasn't. And now they are forcing a horrible update on all users one medium at a time. And don't hold your breath waiting for the physical stickers to arrive in your mailbox. That issue has been a problem forever.

  • repsac3

    Yep... Very disappointed... The new GetGlue is slow, clunky, and takes away everything that made it unique and a favorite app... (I'm trying to go back to the old version from a backup--for as long as that lasts--but I'll probably stop using it once forced to go with the new version... But man oh man, I'm really hoping AdaptiveBlue comes to their senses and sees what a mistake they made... For those of us who loved checking in to books, music, podcasts, games, thoughts, etc... it's a real loss of a great app.

  • Delia Jamison

    It's terrible. It has become incredibly slow, and I can no longer check into my music and books!

  • Rob

    Improve? It's a piece of garbage now. Checking in to books and music made the app interesting. I may never use it again.