U.S. Postal Service Cuts Saturday Deliveries

Packages and parcels will continue to be delivered six days a week after the August cutoff date. The USPS says the plan will save $2 billion.

The U.S. Postal Service announced today that it is to drop Saturday deliveries in order to trim costs. Deliveries of parcels and packages will, however, continue on a six-day-a-week basis. The move is scheduled to start in August of this year, and is expected to save $2 billion.

The USPS has long been in financial hell, losing $15.9 billion last year, despite efforts to save money, such as a plan on the environmental front. Last year it announced the cessation of international shipments of electronics with Li-ion batteries, creating a headache for military families.

[Image by Flickr user michael hilton]

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  • Michael

    The congress want's to keep the postal service open so they can mail their crap for free to us !

  • Nebuckeye

    One of, if not the biggest, reason for Postal Service money loss is the fact it is the only organization required by congress to fund retiree health care costs at least 30 yrs in advance.

  • Ghintlia

    and the only organizaton that gives out FREE health insurance to both their emplyees and the spouses of employees!!!!!!

  • drew

           i work for the post office. i drive a big truck to and from large p.o. facilities. there is no money in the postal fund !!!  it goes in the us Treasury and out the back door. congress spends everything it gets its hands on. they are operating on i owe yous. no money in s.s. no money in u.s.p.s. pension fund. 43 of 50 states are broke ! medicare broke, Medicaid broke, the guy that administers the fire and police pension fund in Jacksonville fl. makes 360.000.00 a yr and they are majorly under funded ! a librarian in southern cal. gets 270.000 a year pension, come on. 500 federal employees make more in retirement than the president of the U.S !!!   the i.r.s. gets bonuses ??????  my brother in law retired from the world bank in 2008. what percentage of his pay does he get during retirement ? he gets his full pay and benefits until he dies !!!!!  he just stopped going to work !!!   when ever these congressmen and government thieves are talking about their plans for us, i yell at the t.v. all i want is what you traitors are giving yourselves.  there is a GREAT DEPRESSION COMING !!!  and these politicians will be nowhere to be found or in a bunker. homeland security and i.r.s. are not buying bullets and guns to get us with. there are stocking up for when the bottom falls out and the sleeping american public realizes they have been screwed by the biggest money scams ever done in history and now were coming after them..  why to they want to disarm us ?   Drew

  • Phil Simon

    In the past year, I’ve become more and more familiar with the USPS’s
    operations. I spoke a PostalVision 2020 last June about the need to
    build a real platform–and not just talk the talk. Since that time, the
    USPS has tried to implement “platform thinking”, but I’ve yet to see any
    real changes or results (at least as a consumer).

    Yes, building a real platform takes time. As I point out in my most recent book,
    it’s also not a panacea for antiquated business models or organizations
    that are behind the times.

    Building a platform is easier said than done.