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61% Of Adults Have Taken A Vacation From Facebook

Among the top reasons cited were lack of time as well as being too annoyed with the gossip on the site.

Sixty-one percent of adults who are on Facebook voluntarily took a break from the social networking site for a period of several weeks or more sometime in the past and 20% of online adults who once used Facebook say they no longer do so, a new study from the Pew Research Center found.

Of the people who took the so-called "Facebook vacation":

  • 21% said they were too busy while 10% said they just weren't interested or didn't have time.
  • 9% of Facebook vacationers said there was too much gossip or negativity on the site.
  • Other reasons for Facebook vacations included religious reasons (how many of you attempted to give it up for Lent?), lack of computer access, health reasons, or no reason at all.

Have you ever taken a Facebook vacation? Tell us in the comments below.

[Photo by Flickr user Kenzoka]

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  • B.Aaw

    I decided it was not for me when a friend of my passed away in the real world, but kept living through facebook. What odd lives we live. The observations are interesting. 

  • Rollingtod

    During and just right after the Presidential Election, I took a complete break from FB.
    The "other side of the isle"  were relentless in rubbing salt into the wounds. It was extremely divisive and I would not have behaved that way. It took a couple of weeks. 

  • Rdf2448

    I was going through a hundred posts to see a couple of which I had an interest. Friends taking religious liberties was another large reason.

  • eric.D

    Loving it; switched to Mindspages a while ago. It gives me only information that matters to me, no more status updates or random junk.

  • jdurocher1973

    I am enjoying my FB vacation right now!  Too much time wasted looking at peoples' self-serving posts, especially during election season. Turns out the only thing I really cared about was wishing people a happy birthday.  Everything else is junk.

  • foiled

    Facebook is self-promoting and narcissistic. That's reason enough to take a break from it.