Jawbone Beefs Up With MassiveHealth And Visere Acquisitions

The trio will merge design, data, hardware, and software to create a healthcare super-company.

Jawbone, maker of the UP personal-wellness tracking wristband, announced double-whammy acquisitions of mobile health app maker MassiveHealth and design firm Visere.

"The smartest minds of our generation shouldn’t be working on getting us more addicted to Facebook or Twitter; they should be working on helping us get—and stay—healthy," MassiveHealth cofounder Aza Raskin told Fast Company back in October.

Jawbone recently re-released the Up in November, after 3 million hours of user testing. (The first version of the wristband, which debuted in 2011, was pulled from store shelves after a month.)

[Image: Flickr user Micky**]

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  • Kendellrenee

    So... I wanted to LOVE Jawbone's UP band!! 

    I spent weeks researching it before I ordered it and even asked questions...

           [I asked whether colors would leech in to the band, I was told no -- The band started changing colors within 2 weeks.]

    I ordered my UP band on December 31st knowing I would have a holiday delay, but when I still hadn't gotten my band days after the holiday, I called.  I was told the warehouse was closed and they didn't know when it would reopen (huh???)... then I was told my UP band shipped... so I waited two days and it still hadn't arrived... so I called back... I was finally told that I had been LIED to!!!... no UP band had been shipped and it took a couple more days (and my wasted time calling) to finally have one on the way.

    When my UP band arrived, even though customer service had done nothing to account for my lost time or being lied to, I still loved my UP band and began to use it daily -- even posting my daily summaries to my social networks....THEN less than a month (yes a MONTH) my UP band stopped working altogether!! 

    Needless to say... at this point, I am DONE!!!  I'm tired of calling Jawbone and getting the run around...I'm tired of feeling lied too...I sincerely need a tool to help the ladies of Fit NIght Out® stay connected and able to help each other towards better health... but it's looking like that will NOT be the UP band...

    Suggestions, connections, referrals, etc, etc are appreciated!!!!  Especially because fooling with Jawbone, I've even missed the fitbit Flex pre-sale grrrrrrr