Facebook's Rumored Friend-Tracking App Expected For March

Unlike Highlight, Banjo, and Glancee, Facebook has more than a billion users. Can it spin their location-tracking idea into gold?

Remember when Glancee, Highlight, Banjo, and Sonar were all trying to help you find people nearby by constantly tracking your whereabouts? Facebook is working on its own version of the concept, according to a Bloomberg report.

One of the biggest differences will be that Facebook has more than 1 billion users, so the chances of running into someone who also uses the app are greater. The team from Glancee, which Facebook acquired last May, and the team from Gowalla, which Facebook acquired in 2011, both reportedly had a hand in building the new app, which is scheduled to launch in mid-March.

Facebook already tracks users' locations through geo-tagged posts. But constantly tracking users' locations could make just about everything else on the platform—advertising and its new Graph Search product included—more valuable. It would be just one more reason the company really doesn't need its own phone.

[Image: Flickr user Kellee_G]

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  • Logan Merrick

    Interesting... Facebook will know me better than I do... But it really sounds like the benefit lies with the company rather than the user. "Where are my friends? I don't know, so I'll call them if I really need to know"

  • Larry Waters

    I hope the app doesn't also track fb friends who are not using the app.  If not, I'd have to pull the plug on my fb account and my company fan page.

  • Nicole Hurd Smith

    Hmmmm... I have been thinking about being done with Facebook (and I love social media in general) and this might just make me close out my account.