Russian Rocket Crashes Into Pacific Ocean, Sinking U.S. Satellite

Another Russian rocket launch goes terribly wrong.

A Russian Zenit-3SL rocket just failed in a spectacular fashion during an attempted launch this morning. Around 20 seconds after take off from a Sea Launch platform the rocket is said to have suffered a catastrophic failure, possibly triggered by an incorrect trajectory and an engine cut-off. The rocket then plummeted into the Pacific Ocean, taking with it its payload of a U.S. Intelsat 27 telecoms satellite.

The Sea Launch platform Odyssey has made 33 launches, with two being notable failures. The satellite lost in today's disaster was designed for telecoms coverage over North America, the Atlantic and Europe. Russian rocket failures have been in the news for a while, with a famous failed attempt in August 2012. Meanwhile efforts among private ventures in the U.S. are lauded for their successful flights, and North and South Korea and Iran are also in the news.

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  • BadBob

    Wonder if this is just what President Obvomit wanted to happen or does this just once again show just how ignorant he really is.  NASA never had that problem?????????????????

  • Scott Spears

    How exactly can you get your head around blaming Obama for a Russian rocket failing to launch?  He could not possibly be less involved in the process.

  • BadBob

    That's not it at all Scott.  It is the fact that under Obama, our space program has been terminated and now the U.S. has to depend on Russian for all our space needs.  I believe that Obama is our biggest traitor, he certainly is lour biggest liar.  I need to write a book.

  • Brecl

    Why are we entrusting the launch of our expensive telecom satellites to a country that continually attempts to send failing rockets into space?  I'm guessing it's probably good for our relations with Russia, but hey, it seems like a pretty costly way to go about it.

  • I Zheet M'Drawz

    It's all part of the program to impoverish the American worker. It's that 'off-shoring' thing they do.

    Well my experience with 'off-shore' work in specific technical arenas is that the 'off-shore' engineers, be they Russkie rocket scientists of indian programmers, is they fail & leave a huge mess behind that needs to be cleaned up afterwards.

    Not a lot of savings when you have to do everything over again is there?

    Keep American jobs and MONEY in America.