Sony's February Event: PlayStation 4 In-Bound?

Sony has invited press to "see the future" on February 20th.

With an almost Apple-esque command of drama and mystery, Sony has just issued press invitations for a February 20th event where it will let journalists "see the future."

There's a mention on Sony's Twitter account of this too, and a website for the event has a video that quite definitely hints this news is PlayStation related.

Are we about to see the PlayStation 4 for the first time?

The Wall Street Journal thinks so, noting that it's heard the console will indeed be shown at the event but released later in the year. It also says there will still be disc-based storage, and much more social integration. Considering that Sony stopped making the legacy PS2 machine at the very end of 2012, and that the PS3 is now about five years into the typical ten year lifespan of a console, the timing is perfect...and very bad news for Nintendo.

Does the idea of a PlayStation 4 excite you? Or are you waiting for the Xbox 720?

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  • The Man From Dystopia

    " Are we about to see the PlayStation 4 for the first time?"

    No but we're about to see some of the most outragous hype and ridiculously wild claims about the "phenomenal power" and "game changing" abilities of it.

    Not to mention the obligatory vaporware CGI video's proporting to be "actual gameplay footage" from soon to be released games which if they actually exist at all are probably only in the concept stage, that's how Sony roll.