Huawei's Mysterious Iranian Ties

A new Reuters investigation reveals close ties between Chinese tech giant Huawei and a firm selling embargoed technology equipment to Iran.

A new investigation reveals that Huawei, the Chinese tech giant, appears to have close ties to a firm implicated in selling embargoed equipment to Iran's largest mobile phone provider. Reuters' Steve Stecklow reports that CFO Cathy Meng has close ties to Skycom, a Hong Kong firm that sold over 1.3 million euros in embargoed computer technology to the Mobile Telecommunication Company of Iran. Skycom appears to have a close corporate relationship with Huawei; a management company controlled by Huawei's parent firm controls all of Skycom's shares. Documents published by the Chinese Embassy in Tehran also appear to refer to Skycom as "Huawei Iran."

Huawei was recently criticized by the U.S. House Intelligence Committee for refusing to answer questions on the company's ongoing Iranian operations. The company was cleared by the White House of spying accusations in late October.

[Image: Flickr user John Karakatsanis]

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  • sternhead

    Their habit of skulking around with dictators and lying about it (and everything else, default=lie, lie lie) is finally catching up with Huawei's behind and biting into it.

  • R Offut

    Huawei was NOT cleared by the White House. That is an erroneous report seeded by Huawei themselves at the expense of Reuters as a fake leak to try and deflect scrutiny and picked up by other media outlets who fail to do much research or challenge it.