Tumblr Adds 17+ Rating To Its iOS App

Just days after Twitter's video-sharing site Vine got into hot water for putting six seconds of X-rated footage up as an Editor's Pick, Tumblr has added an R rating to its iOS app. So, download version 3.2.4 of its app and you get a Blue window stating that "Tumblr contains age-restricted material," plus a box to click to confirm that you are over 17.

Perhaps this is a preventative measure to ensure it stays on the right side of Apple, whose App Store nabobs wield whatever the cyber version of the black marker pen is with gay abandon--Steve Jobs claimed that the store offered "Freedom from porn" in an email to Gawker writer Ryan Tate. Perhaps it's one of those small gestures that acts as a semi-placator to parents, while acting as a metaphorical pair of red knickers to curious teenagers. Anyway, it's there now. Is it an attention-grabbing move to make Tumblr more attractive to a new audience--the site is, of course, now more popular amongst teenagers than Facebook is--or do you think David Karp has shot himself in the nether regions with this move? Share all you want (but not too much, we like to stay classy) in the comments.

[Image by Flickr user joshwept]

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