Do You Still Use A BlackBerry?

BlackBerry die-hards often name the tactile little keyboard as the reason they're still CrackBerryheads.

Some big news in the world of phones today.

For one thing, RIM is no longer called RIM—rather, it's just called BlackBerry ("one brand, one promise," said CEO Thorsten Heins).

Heins today revealed two new BlackBerrys: the Z10 (which does not have a physical keyboard) and the Q10 (which still has a physical keyboard), plus a new operating system, the BB10. And none other than Alicia Keys is coming on board as BlackBerry's new "global creative director".

To be honest, I haven't thought much about BlackBerry in recent months—pretty much everyone I know uses an iPhone (what does that say about the crowd I associate with?). I decided to ask the good people of the social media world if they still use a BlackBerry (and why).

Many people told me they keep using BlackBerrys because they can't live without those tactile little buttons:

This surprised me, because personally, I find the BlackBerry keyboard difficult to use.

Other people told me they use a BlackBerry simply because that's what they are offered at work:

This is probably the most, er, unique defense of the BlackBerry keyboard I've encountered:

So now I turn to you: tell me, are you still a CrackBerryhead? What is it about this beleaguered device that keeps you from heeding the siren call of its smartphone competitors? Will today's announcements help keep your business in the months to come? Tell us in the comments section below.

[Image: Flickr user Santiago Atienza]

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  • addisongardner

    I still use a 9900 for business. I can fire off emails and texts quick and also take copious notes while on conference calls. I also love the battery. They have great life and are removable. I found some on eBay and bought extra so I rarely have to charge. I have an iphone for personal use. It's great for apps. If you get a text from me on my iphone it normally will be less than three words. And if it's more it's because I used the voice feature. I think Blackberry will only remain strong with the business community. We don't care about Instagram and some other apps. We just want efficient email, text, and other communication tools.

  • I still use a Blackberry 9780 just for the Email and battery life and for use in my business. Very important to have a solid and reliable phone. Next month I buy a Z10.

  • Will Robertson

    I choose BlackBerry for the efficient communications. It is the fastest smartphone for sending and processing a lot of messages from different sources (email, messaging, social).

    I am staying with BlackBerry and have already gotten a Z10. It is not just about the physical keyboard, it is about the BlackBerry efficiency.

  • Claire Richards

    I chose to get a Blackberry several years ago on my own, not because my company made me. Not sure what sold me at first...but now that I've been using one for 2 + years, I hope to continue with the brand mostly because of the tactile keyboard. No joke, there's just something about it!!! Plus - I'm a creature of habit. Big time. I won't get the Z10, but will definitely get the Q10 if Tmobile will carry it. There are certain features that other smart phones have and Blackberrys don't (group text, Instagram, etc.) that I'm frequently reminded of...while texting with friends, unable to understand their emoticons...misinterpreting the order of their texts, etc. I can live without those for now...but hope that will improve with the new models. 

    I'm hopeful that I can actually read/scroll down Fast Company articles on my Blackberry at some future date (since I initially saw this article on Twitter via my phone...tried to read it...couldn't...proceeded to log on to my laptop). Maybe I'm too forgiving??

    Yes...I still use a Blackberry for its physical keyboard, sturdy nature (I've dropped this thing so many times), and overall usability/navigation.

  • Charlotte Godley

    I complain about mine a lot. keypad is nice once you get used to it and email functionality is great. Other than that...the interface crashes a lot, it throws exceptions everywhere, sometimes it decides it doesn't want to send my texts, only way to fully power down and back up again is to take the battery out, the interface takes several days/weeks for people to get the hang of, app store is a compsci too I get the mic taken out of me for using one, my entire course are windows phone/android lovers and since it's the smallest market, it's not really something I'd ever develop for or enjoy developing for. Despite that, I am semi tempted to see what the new interface is like before jumping ship to either of those mentioned because so many people have mentioned it's nice.

  • SociaLifeChicago

    Blackberry keypad definitely, the lack of apps is a con of course especially when friends send you imessage and you have to respond independently. I am excited to see what the new z10 can do before jumping on the iphone ship.
    Also for what I do(taking people's pictures at events) I can just type in their names on my phone which makes the process less cumbersome.

  • Jeromine

    There's of course Instagram and in general just the quality of the social apps compared to the poor versions you get on the BB store.

  • Jeromine

    Actually abandoned my good old Blackberry this weekend for an Android phone, mostly for the large app store it provides compared to RIM. But yeah my Blackberry definitely had a few great things going for it; its keyboard, sturdiness (speaking as a frequent concert goer) and lifespan..

  • Kasia Hein-Peters

    Our company provides only BlackBerries - unless you are really high in the hierarchy! But I also have to say that typing on an iPhone is less comfortable than on my BB...

  • Anjali Mullany

    I felt that way about the iPhone at first, but after a few days I got used to it...