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The "Empire State Of Mind" singer said she hopes to work with fellow artists in her new position.

Alicia Keys Joins BlackBerry As Global Creative Director. Will She Stop Tweeting From Her iPhone?

This girl is on...BlackBerry 10. The Grammy-winning singer and pianist said she hopes to work with fellow artists in her new position.

Alicia Keys is joining BlackBerry as its new "global creative director" the company announced Wednesday. According to a press release from her official site, the singer's duties will include working "closely with app developers, content creators, retailers, carriers, and the entertainment community to further shape and enhance the BlackBerry 10 platform, and inspire creative use through its remarkable capabilities and functionality."

At the announcement, according to reports, Keys said that she had been in a long-term relationship with BlackBerry but "I kind of broke up with you for something that had a little more bling...," she added. "I started to have two phones and then I was playing the field... And then you called and said you were working out... now we're exclusively dating again, and I'm really happy."

But breaking up is, of course, hard to do—Gizmodo notes that Keys has very recently been tweeting from her iPhone.

Keys said she also hopes to work with fellow artists and other partners to build BlackBerry's business. The Keys announcement came after RIM announced it was changing its name to BlackBerry.

What do you think of BlackBerry's announcement? Are celebrity staffers good for business?

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  • Doesntmatter

    There is no added value because she won't do anything. There will be a guy that is paid to send out messages in her name.

  • Matt Vandrick.

    It's odd to me. I see it as nothing more than a glorified Brand Ambassador. The notion that she'll contribute to the actual progression of Blackberry in ways that enhance the experience   (Design, UX, or product insight/strategy) is simply absurd. She may have some thoughts on how to market to folks, but she hasn't even really done with her own music -- her team does. YAWN! Proud of her for achievement sake, but to pitch what she'll do as "Creative Direction" is a bit inflated, no?

  • Vicky Heinlein

    Lady Gaga was named as the Creative Director for Polaroid exactly one year ago... (and what happens now?) Can't wait to see a before-and-after list of celebrities that are named CDs in history! 

  • Yael Miller

    It's a new trend seemingly on the rise lately. I'm not quite sure about it. Knowing how to sing isn't necessarily going to make you a good creative director, but on the other hand, a talented artist (in music) may still have the chops to jump to another creative endeavor successfully.