Would You Pay To Watch YouTube Channels?

The video platform is introducing paid channel subscriptions as early as this spring.

YouTube is planning to let content creators on the site charge viewers to access their channels, starting as early as this spring.

AdAge reports YouTube is currently testing the idea with a small group of users who are brainstorming ideas for the kinds of channels viewers would want to pay to watch.

Now, YouTube officially says "tens of millions" of people have created channels on the site. But this first batch of channel creators is probably not bustling with amateur filmmakers shooting videos of puppies riding tricycles. More likely, this initial group will include professional (and advertiser-friendly) media brands who have already proven they can create compelling content and leverage YouTube to draw in crowds.

The channels will cost somewhere between $1 to $5 a month, but it's unclear how pricing would work for different kinds of video access—say, pay-per-view live events versus a weekly webisode.

So, readers, sound off: Would you pay a small monthly fee to watch the channels of your choosing on YouTube? (And a sub-question: Do you currently pay for cable?)

[Image: Flickr user Spencer E Holtaway]

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  • Motif2

    If I can watch some of TV content I can pay for it. For example some TV series and stuff. But please, I dont think we need another VOD site.

  • Suzanne Romero

    Please excuse my cynicism.  However, it appears to me from what I have read, YouTube would like to "see if the public will pay to see their favorite channels".  Sadly, it appears that YouTube has found a hitch to soak the public who have made them the mega hit website that they are today.  I'm curious.  Is YouTube so hard up financially that they have to seek assistance from an already financially strapped society and join the ranks of cable television? I thought that they were above that.  This is a very sad day.

  • Ellito O'Connor

    Is this a joke. I suppose having the option to do it is ok, but I don't believe many people would pay. The only reason would be if this channel was extremely popular and furthermore this channel, if it charged, would have to guarantee high quality footage and lots of it! Looking at most youtube channels that are very popular I don't see them as being serious enough to make justifiably high quality content regularly. Also, the whole point of Youtube is that it is meant to be fun, user created and FREE content which motivates a community to create videos for entertainment, not cash.
    Of course the other methods, i.e. advertisements, can monetize videos and the youtube community has adapted to this, but blocking content off completely is just going against everything the youtube community has built up for years.
    This shouldn't even be up to the guys at Youtube, the people who have done the most work and deserve to decide, are the Youtubers.