Kevin Systrom Hasn't Updated His Instagram Feed Since January 1

Do we need to talk about this, Kevin?

Talented landscape photographer and Instagram founder Kevin Systrom has been a busy man lately. Now a Facebook employee, following the social media firm's acquisition of the photo-sharing service, it seems he has been neglecting his baby, now a rumbustious toddler. Business Insider notes that not one photo has been put up on his Instagram feed since a picturesque New Year's Eve Latergram was uploaded on New Year's day.

And what a beautiful view that is, isn't it.

I know he's probably very busy, but couldn't he get a Facebook intern to do it?

I mean, there's lots of stuff he could publish--from stuff he's been making...

To the art in his new office.

Be honest now. Is it the terms of service that have frightened you off? Don't tell your colleagues *whispers* but Instagram has backed off on those.

Anyway, what we're trying to tell you is this. Don't leave. Please.

[Images by Instagram user Kevin, Flickr user xurde, Instagram user Slidestream, Flickr user Slipp D., Flickr user aaronpk and v104]

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