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Glam Media: "Our Business Exceeds Vogue's"

Glam Media CEO Samir Arora announced at the DLD13 Conference in Munich that his company is now targeting traditional print and broadcast advertisers.

The CEO of San Francisco-based Glam Media announced at a German conference on Monday that his company's business exceeds Vogue's print business. Speaking at the DLD13 Conference in Munich, Samir Arora told the audience that print and broadcast advertisers are migrating to digital. Arora, whose firm receives approximately 356 million monthly visitors to their network of sites, claims Internet advertising is reaching maturity.

"On the smart Internet, you should not see an ad for a car if you have just bought a car. Bring that forward and consumers will get used to it—it will make advertising something people want, targeted and packaged carefully," Arora said. In recent years, Glam Media has been focusing increasingly on audience microsegmenting.

[Image: Flickr user Pivotconf]

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  • hughsheehy

    Interesting - and great to see that digital publishers are doing so well.

    Of course, in contradiction to what Mr. Arora says, on the smart internet it's perfectly possible that someone who just bought a car is the perfect person to see car ads.  

    If nothing else, they're a qualified lead and car branding takes a while to be effective. Also, post-purchase messaging can be REALLY important in an overall marketing and branding strategy - particularly on big ticket items.