The FCC Wants To Bring Ultrafast Internet To Every State By 2015

With gigabit Internet, you'll never have to "borrow" from that neighbor's unprotected network or sit through stalled TV episodes on Netflix.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski today issued the Gigabit City Challenge to broadband providers and state and local community leaders, to bring ultrafast gigabit Internet to at least one community in each of the 50 states by 2015.

This initiative would bring communities' Internet speed to a rate approximately 100 times faster than current fixed high-speed Internet connections. At such high speeds, current Internet blunders such as a stalling Netflix movie or a 15-minute download time for a music album would be considered relics of broadband days gone by.

But beyond mere convenience for Internet surfers at home, Genachowski said establishing gigabit communities across the country will accelerate innovation in new businesses and industries, and fuel greater investor interest in high-tech industries.

[Image: Flickr user Robert S. Donovan]

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  • Musical Missionary

    Oh look, a token gesture to give cover to Mr. G's record of capitulating to incumbent monopolies who continue to block competition on every front.  Don't be fooled, while this is a positive step, under Mr. G, the FCC is just a tool for Big Telco, not the public interest as it is supposed to be.