NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan tweeted: " I'm jumping in on the #teoing trend. Posing with my fake girlfriend."

"Look how pretty my girlfriend looks with her new ugg slippers. Its safe to say im the best boyfriend ever."

"Finally popped the question! She was speechless! Te'oing"

"What's the big deal about #TEOING @PaulSalfen has been doing it for years we just didn't know what to call it till now"

Just a quiet night in ...

University of Alabama running back Kenyan Drake takes a swipe at Te'o: "All of my girlfriends are in the same class ... uh oh! #Teoing"

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Have You Te'o-ed Today? New Internet Meme Mocks Manti Te'o's Scandal

The Notre Dame linebacker's fake girlfriend scandal has inspired some social media meme-ness.

If Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o can find any silver lining in his fake girlfriend scandal, perhaps he can take solace in the fact that he has inspired the ultra-hot Internet meme "Teoing".

Teoing quickly went viral after Deadspin revealed the Notre Dame player's girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, was fake." To Teo, people are posting pictures of empty chairs, of their arms embracing the air, or photos of people hugging themselves. For a few of our favorites, see the slideshow above.

What's the big deal about imaginary friends. Chicago Democrat pols have hundreds of thousands of them and they vote. #teoing— Dan Proft (@DanProft) January 18, 2013

Valentines day was the worst I'd buy a box of chocolate and a bear and carry it around like I was given it #teoing— Roy Miller (@THE_ROY_V) January 17, 2013

Internet memes aren't the only thing helped out by the story. According to a staff memo posted on Romenesko.com, the Te'o story helped Gawker websites break an all-time traffic record with more than 10 million views this week.

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