Check This Interactive Map To See Which States Crack Down On Guns

The Guardian's state-by-state breakdown of gun laws in the country identifies which ones are the strictest (D.C.) and which are the most lax (Arizona, Wyoming, Vermont) about guns.

President Obama and Vice President Biden announced new proposals on Wednesday aimed at preventing gun violence in the wake of the recent Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting that sparked a national, viral call for more stringent gun legislation. The proposals include mandatory background checks for interested gun buyers and a renewed ban on sales of high-capacity magazines and assault rifles.

Curious about the gun laws in your state? The Guardian has published an interactive map of state-by-state gun laws so you can see which states require you to report missing firearms, enforce locking devices on guns, and forbid you from carrying either concealed or open handguns and long rifles.

[Image: The Guardian]

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  • sjseth

    Wondering what the correlation is to gun laws and gun violence by state?  California would be very interesting to analyze. Assault rifles have been banned here for more than 10 years. I wonder if there has been any attributable reduction in crimes committed with "Assault Rifles" and high capacity magazines. I recently blogged about the effectiveness of Clinton's assault rifle ban and the expected effectiveness of a new Obama ar ban. You can read that here if you like statistics:

    Maybe my next blog will be an analysis of crime in each state that already has Assault Rifle and hi cap magazine bans like California...