NASA: Weird Global Weather Continues

A new NASA study says 2012 was the ninth-warmest year on record since the 1880s.

NASA scientists are reporting that 2012 was the ninth warmest year on record. Researchers at NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies also note that the last year the Earth showed cooler-than-normal temperatures was 1976. In 2012, the global average temperature of 58.3 degrees Farenheit was 1 degree warmer than NASA's global averages.

Data from NASA satellites, spacecraft, and scientific experiments all point to ongoing climate change. Although the possibility of global climate change is still controversial, a growing number of Americans believe global warming and weird weather are a reality.

NASA scientists warned that seasons like the hotter-than-average summer of 2012 should serve as a wake-up call.

"The U.S. temperatures in the summer of 2012 are an example of a new trend of outlying seasonal extremes that are warmer than the hottest seasonal temperatures of the mid-20th century," NASA GISS director James E. Hansen said in a statement. "The climate dice are now loaded. Some seasons still will be cooler than the long-term average, but the perceptive person should notice that the frequency of unusually warm extremes is increasing. It is the extremes that have the most impact on people and other life on the planet."

[Image: NASA]

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  • Rgray222

    If liberals would only concentrate on real global warming they would be way ahead of the game. When the issue gets political and the blame is directed at mankind they will lose this battle every time. When the governments of the world want to tax people on the weather then the world is in big trouble. The  world has lost its glaciers at least three time before man ever turned up on the scene. Real science not hockey stick science tells us that there has be 0.1 increase in tempt over the last 50 years. Keeping the environment clean is something everyone can get behind but taxing people on it and turning it into politics is something the liberal need to put a stop to! 

  • Paul Ynwa Davies

    If only global warming actually made the weather warmer, I'd be all up for it.....

  • Rusty Neff

    ARG!!!!  "although the possibility of global climate change is
    still controversial..."

    It's only controversial if you refuse to believe science and prefer dogma instead.

  • Rgray222

    It is not controversial if you buy into the mainstreams agenda, They don't put forward honest news and science about this subject. They have a biased agenda and apparently that is what you have bought into (as so many have) without questioning the truth! 

  • dd

    If scientists can't agree that global warming is real, then belief in it is also dogmatic.

  • Jmealy

     So far SCIENCE (the real kind) says that the evidence is still inconclusive.  There was a warming trend in the 80's and 90's but for the moment the trend looks flat.  If the warming effect was so inexorably tied to human contributions of greenhouse gases, the trend would likely keep going up.  That says to me that other processes may be responsible for the changes in weather.

  • Bern

     Well, 'real science' says that the warming trend exists, is backed by huge amounts of data and is agreed on by 97% of all scientists working in the field.  Lets see... pump billions of tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere in less than 200 years, so as to increase the amount of atmospheric carbon by 30% and say it isn't 'me', it's volcanos (or something like it).  I'm surprised you're capable of reading.  Go live in a cave ya troglodyte!