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Wrangler Is Making It Easier To Get Into Your Pants With Moisturizing Jeans

Innovation schminnovation. No, it's skinnovation!

For some people fashion is the antithesis of innovation—Steve Jobs famously only wore black turtlenecks, blue jeans, and sneakers. That's not to say that we don't see fashion folks innovating—Ralph Lauren's digital vision, say, or DVF's collaboration with Google Glass, and fashion retail is full of crazy little ideas, both in real stores and their online counterparts. But a fashion-beauty mashup? A pair of jeans that make your skin soft? That's a first.

And so, let us line up and applaud the jeanius marketing people at denim clothing manufacturer Wrangler. Among the company's new products for 2013 are these Denim Spa jeans. They come in three softener variations: Aloe Vera, Olive Extract, and Smooth Legs (the cellulite-busting model, according to Wrangler). You can get the jeans in three different washes and three different styles, said Wrangler's Marketing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Adam Kakembo.

It's a great idea, if it does work. It would take care of that grim prospect of applying body lotion before putting on your jeans—anyone remember Friends' Ross Geller and the leather pants incident?—and it can easily be sold as a time-saving device. But what is Wrangler's next step? Cupcake Shirts, anyone?

The range will be available on ASOS from the end of January.

[Image: Wrangler via Drapers]