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Walmart To Hire More Than 100,000 Veterans

Retail giant Walmart has pledged to hire any veteran who wants a job, as long as they have left the military in the past year and did not receive a dishonorable discharge.

Walmart announced an ambitious plan today to hire any veteran who wants a job, as long as they have left the military in the past year and did not receive a dishonorable discharge. Officials at Walmart said at a press conference that the program, which begins on Memorial Day, could lead to the chain hiring more than 100,000 employees over the next five years.

The retail chain's announcement also earned a positive mention from the White House. "We all believe that no one who serves our country should have to fight for a job once they return home. Walmart is setting a groundbreaking example for the private sector to follow," Michelle Obama said in a statement. Walmart also benefits: The company has been facing ongoing labor disputes, and is aggressively promoting their philanthropic efforts. Finding employment for returning veterans is an ongoing concern; many military recruits come from regions disproportionately hit by the jobs slowdown.

[Image: Wikimedia user Ben Schumin]

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  • ToddDeModd

    lol, And knowing Corporate America, I am sure they will underpay every single one of them lol. Its the American way!

  • Honest_Miss

     /A/ job is better than /no/ job. Walmart can't create new, high-paying positions just for veterans, but they /can/ offer what they have to those who need it. At least they're trying.

    How many jobs are you offering up to veterans?

  • lakawak

    Let's go through all the levels of bitchdom in your comment:
    1. Walmart pays more than minimum wage. This is why whenever there is talk of an increase in minimum wage, K-Mart,Target and small business represetatives complain and fight against it, and Walmart does not. Because they know that they start their employees at about $1 above minimum wage while the competition starts right at minimum wage. So an increase will hurt not Walmart very much but would really hurt their competition.
    2. Walmart does offer benefits. Far better than the other stores offer for comparable positions...basically positions that a semi-trained monkey could do just as well.
    3. No one is forcing ANYONE to work at Walmart. People do it because it is better
    than welfare, and they pretty much have no job skills to get non-retail jobs.
    4. But the REAL bitch-ass part of your comment is actually thinking that an article about a company hiring $100,000 employees for ANYTHING is a good time to whine like a bitch about that company. I bet you are one of those worthless idiots that whenever you hear about some rich person donating to charity you say "Big deal! They get a write off!"

  • Jonathan Philbrick

     1.) Walmart may pay more than minimum wage...but not by much.  I made about $9/hr working in receiving. 
    2.) I was never given "full time status" with the attendant benefits despite working five 8 hour shifts a week.  I was only given benefits after the company was required to due to my one year. 
    3.) It may be better than welfare but I still would be classified as living below the federal poverty line.  A near 40 hour a week job and I made less than the 23k a year.

    4.) If these vets are hired as supervisors, managers and on up then good for Walmart.  If they are hired as cashiers, stockers, receiving then Fuck wally world.

  • Faithryder02

    I'll take it. I worked on the latest technology aircraft in the Corps for 5 years but no one here will give me a chance to work because I don't have a paper degree saying that I'm qualified to do anything. My savings is gone and I'd rather work for minimum wage than collect welfare.