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OKCupid Introduces Crazy Blind Date App For Quick Matching

Free on Wednesday night? OKCupid has a match for you.

Ready to forget about the awkward messaging, poking, and sizing up that goes on between possible matches on online dating sites before actual meeting? The popular online dating site OKCupid introduced a new app called Crazy Blind Date on Tuesday that will allow users to go on a date without having communicated much with each other before meeting. The app is free on Android and Apple phones and matches users using basic information: a name, sexual orientation, possible meeting spots, a photograph, and nights of the week that they are free.

OKCupid tried a similar service in 2007 using text messaging and a website, but it failed to ever really catch on.

The dating website's CEO, Sam Yagan, told the New York Times he hopes that the app will help people who become too bogged down by all the dating profiles they see on the OKCupid website.

To celebrate the launch of Crazy Blind Date, OkCupid removed all of the photos from its website so that members logging into OkCupid Tuesday "will have to make their dating decisions based on words and wits rather than abs and, well, other body parts," the company said in a statement.

So tell us single ladies and gentlemen—would you try it? Or do you need to chat a bit before meeting in person?

[Photo by Flickr user ambernambrose]

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  • Five Million Gays

    their marketing strategy of blocking out all pictures on the regular OKCupid is beyond awful and does nothing but turn a large portion of their potential market against them.   Also the reviews in the app store for this are overwhelmingly negative.   Apparently it only offers coffee shops as date locations and there is a system of giving out "kudos" after a date that I can't find a coherent explanation of but the overall effect is that people don't like it. 

  • Dzuskamo

    Is there any way to skip blind date app and to be able to see pictures on site again ?

    Honestly I am not intrested for a blind date.

    I just joined to okcupid yesterday and I don't know how that works.

    So if there is a way to skip that blind just tell me ; )


  • Jessica Guzik

    I'm probably too big a fan of OkCupid for my own good, but I don't think this will catch on.  Crazy Blind Date is one of a handful of digital platforms promising to set people randomly for a raucous good time.  They try to recreate the serendipity of meeting a fun stranger at a bar, or while traveling, or through friends of friends.  But in all of these situations, the parties being introduced share something more soulful than a digital platform: a love of craft beer, an interest in Italian culture, or a mutual contact.  These commonalities validate the connection even if they're never made explicit.