FBI Launches Bank Robber Google Map

The FBI is turning to a custom Google Map to help solve bank robberies.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has launched a Google map of unidentified bank robbery suspects. The newly launched project makes geotagged security camera photos of bank robbery suspects publicly available; the FBI is also collecting tips on suspects' identities through the web page. According to a FBI statement, the page is also intended to protect local residents from gun violence. The map is searchable by geographic location, weapon used, and the unidentified robber's nickname.

While the map is a modest GIS effort, it's also the latest in a continuing series of steps by the FBI to jump on board the data revolution. Last year, the FBI announced big changes in their data mining efforts, and Google Maps are also frequently used for predictive analytics by law enforcement.

[Image: Wikimedia user Wildhartlivie]

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  • nadeem kazmi

    It's a good idea and simple to implement but bit worrisome as some bank workers can also tag innocent customers of the bank. 
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