Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, And Zynga Could Better The World, But They Have To Collaborate First

Facebook's Nick Grudin, LinkedIn's Meg Garlinghouse, Twitter's Biz Stone, YouTube's Hunter Walk, and Zynga's Ken Weber met in person for the first time to discuss the power of "slacktivism," the viral mind-set, and philanthropy as the future of marketing.

For cause-based organizations, social media is a crucial tool for spreading messages and gaining proponents. But these non-profits often receive less support than profitable companies when it comes to coordinating a campaign across the multitude of different social platforms. Fast Company hosted a conversation with leaders in the social sphere to discuss how their companies could collaborate to advance causes that could have a positive impact on the world. What would happen if every organization that was granted non-profit 501(c) status was also given a toolbox for effectively using social media?

This clip is part of a longer conversation about social media for social good that took place in August. Watch the complete video here: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Zynga Put Their Social Heads Together For Good

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  • PetSitterBible.com

    Great article and topic! Out of all of them I feel YouTube is already shedding light on so many things in the world, because of the format. Digital video will always be the most striking evidence of abuse and corruption we can experience but also the greatest visions of joy and togetherness too.