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Oscar Host Seth MacFarlane Presents Nominations, Inspires Twitter Backlash, Rare Emma Stone Tweet

True, he did have some defenders. Piers Morgan, for instance.

Earlier this morning Seth MacFarlane, this year's Oscars host, announced the Oscar nominations.

It seemed like the entire world took to Twitter to weigh in.

We compiled the good, the bad, and the mightily unamused comments that users of the social network posted to the Twitterverse.

Jezebel editor-in-chief Jessica Coen quipped that she couldn't stand the faces he made:

The Atlantic's Entertainment section has some thoughts on his tone:

And a lot of people were completely unamused by a joke he made about Hitler

In fairness, MacFarlane did have a fair number of defenders as well

On a related note, MacFarlane himself had this to say late last night ...

... Which sparked perhaps the newsiest Twitter-related part of him hosting: Emma Stone sending out a rare tweet.

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  • Unamused Guest

    He is so far from funny. Just jokes about poop and ethnic minorities. Family Guy used to be funny, now it is just gross. The other shows he has a hand in are even worse.

  • Sam Morgan

    Seth MacFarlane.... Can't put my finger on it but it seems as if his humor tries too hard. The cripple and AIDS jokes are getting old, losing edginess. And enough with the constant referencing to shows, movies, music of the past that the writers of Family Guy find so memorable and worth parody. Gotta love American Dad though.....and I'm starting to dig The Cleveland Show.