Teens <3 Tumblr More Than Facebook

A new survey bucks conventional wisdom and says more teens interact on image-based social network Tumblr than Facebook.

A survey of young Net users between 13 and 25 by Posterous cofounder Gary Tan has turned up some very surprising, and potentially explosive information. While 55% of 13- to 18 year-olds and 52% of 19- to 25 year-olds liked Facebook for social networking interactions, supporting the conventional notion that Facebook is the world's dominant social net, 61% of the young group and 57% of the adult group preferred Tumblr.

Instagram, Facebook's huge and controversial billion-dollar acquisition, was liked by just 21% of the young teens and 11% of adults. Even Twitter fared badly, with 22% of teens and 17% of the young adult group liking it.

Facebook's prosperity is linked to monetizing its billion-user community's social interactions. But while it unquestionably leads the field in the social networking world, its future is far from assured—all it would take is a runaway success from a newer challenger and many of its users may click away. Tumblr has been demonstrating aggressive growth in recent years, at a pace that outstrips its rivals.

Do you see yourself using Facebook (or Twitter, or Tumblr for that matter) in five years? Or will something new come along?

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  • calwatch

    It's tumblr as a pinboard, not for any substantive microblogging (other than answering occasional questions from friends or fans or posting funny video that gets deleted the next day). With tumblr there are more degrees of separation from the individual's real identity than Facebook's zero separation or twitter/instagram's one degree of separation. The tumblrs I see from teens and young adults are primarily just people reblogging photos and making one line comments on them. Very rarely do you see any text on them.

  • Thomas O'Hearn

    I'm not entirely surprised by this.

    We're visual creatures. We're using our phones to reach out and see other people and places.
    Right now, the best way to do this is with pictures.

    But no, in the future, we won't be using something like FB or Tumblr - we'll be using something like NE1UP.com, a real-time social network that is integrated in ways that make what we use now seem clunky. 

    Just like the crud we used before Google - simple Google - came along.

    I think visually we're in for a LOT of changes. Augmented reality will literally change the way we see the world. It's going to be a crazy decade.

  • Lieun

     I totally agree with this.  I can't wait to see what the changes will be in the next decade!!

  • mod

    Teenagers will always need a place to hide from their parents. Tumblr has been that place for a few years now.

  • Heytaytayybb

    Tumblr can appeal to many different people's tastes so I believe it's going to last a long time... I love Tumblr!

  • 10songsblog

    I am not surprised.  FB has EVERYONE and teen do not want ot be caught using a service their parents use.  Also teens gravitate towards new trends faster and faster.   So Tumblr may be the next big thing it's life span I believe will be shorter than FBs because people just don't hold onto things as long as they used to.  The novelty wears off quicker.