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Want To Colonize Mars? Applications Now Being Accepted

Mars One hopes to send people to the red planet by 2023.

Looking for an out-of-this-world experience? Mars One, a non-profit agency, is accepting applications for astronauts to help build the first settlement on the red planet in 2023.

Astronauts will undergo a whopping eight years of training before being deployed to Mars to build a sustainable life there, the company said. While you don't have to have an advanced degree in science, Mars One is looking for people with intelligence, good mental and physical health, and dedication.

According to its website, Mars One expects the mission to cost around $6 billion.

For a look at what some other people are doing on Mars, here's some more information on the cool stuff NASA is up to out there.

[Photo by Flickr User Andy Z]

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  • Michele Montreuil

    Id give my left arm to be one of those colonists! !! Id move my hubby and 3 kids up there in a jiffy!!!! Weather hubby limed it or not!! Lol

  • Shapi

    It just seems wrong to me somehow. The universe belongs to us. Mars belongs to me, you, and everyone. How can they colonize something that belongs to me (or you)?

  • Denisespurlock

    I will go to Mars.  I want to be the first retired person at Mars.  Denise Spurlock Indianapolis, Indiana.

  • Daniel Jones

    Great plan. Having expended an extraordinary amount of energy to get out of Earth's gravity well, you immediately jump back down the second-biggest one you can find, so that you can go to a place with virtually no water to fry your ovaries/balls with a zillion rems a year.
    Callisto is a much more serious prospect. It's inside Jupiter's magnetosphere, so no radiation. It's not down a giant gravity well. You need water for propulsion, hydroponics, radiation shielding, and to drink. Callisto is water, kilometers-thick ice sheets of it. 

  • Here we go again

    Well, if we all had the negative attitudes as seen here on these posts, throughout history, we would all be living in the dark ages still.  We have to colonize as a species.. or go the way of the dinosaur. Its not a matter of if, it is a matter of when, another big ass rock comes hurtling through the sky and land in your living room.  No, it will not be easy. Can we succeed? perhaps not on the first try. Yeah that sucks for the first team sent up. I bet there will be a line of people willing to try though. Unless you think that a minute before the Asteroid/Comet hits that some higher being is going to come save us, then you should hope we can figure this out. All species live and die, eat and procreate just to pass their genes on, all living things just want their offspring to survive.Well, as humans this is how we can assure ourselves that we, as humans, will still exist in 1000 year.

  • Gabriel

    What everyone has missed though it that we have already been to the moon and to mars, just a very long time ago before the flood knocked out all of that special technology we once had and after God made everyone speaking different languages after the tower of babalon, which by the way wasn't some stupid stone tower trying to reach into heaven. It actually was more likely a tower used to launch shuttles. Think about it, before the flood they had really awesome technology that was not based on oil and combustion like it is now and everyone spoke the same language so they could put there heads together and make real intense stuff. They probably used electromagnetic stuff. Just a thought, assuming that we didn't all evolve from green soup and stupid hairy monkeys that is...

  • Dalonsus

    Jesus fucking christ... At least we know YOU won't be going to mars, "Mars One is looking for people with intelligence..." intelligence...

  • Mightypungualla

    why is there always at least one of you people on every scientifically oriented article? I thought cristians weren't into modern tech like computers and science, you even burned the library of Alexandria effectively throwing our entire race into the dark ages, just OUTSTANDING!
        lord forgiveth Me for I hath trolled.
        Anyway it would be awesome to go to mars and live a peaceful productive life of exploration, doing research and probably not being berated by the religious or closed minded. But it's not going to work out that way, not because of a lack of technology, but because we (or at least those bound to be funding it) havent figured out how not to be self serving and opinionated on the highest level. (i know, being self serving is how you GET to funding these things) We cant even be around each other without spitting out a baby we cant support or killing each other over petty things like religion or who has the best haircut. We as a species havent grasped the concept of a greater good (and if we did  our businesses and governments would either crumble or we would). you dont go into the new frontier with 7-8 billion people pulling in 7-8 billion different directions. We wont be up against my ancestors (natives) we will be up against space, and space will F******* you up. and all it takes is one person who cant handle it to blow away TRILLIONS of dollars in investments in a psychotic explosion of ignorance.(like in 'Contact')
        Final summation: Even if we do make it to mars and set up a sustainable system, it WILL be immediately and heavily militarized so that we don't have another American revolution or any such profit-killing shenanigans. A lot of the colonists will be ailed by unforeseen mental and physical sicknesses. You will probably be considered guilty of terrorism if the executive branch decides they don't like how things played out and you will disappear along with everything else we brought. Lastly though, assuming we stay there and get going pretty well, it will be just like Earth, we will muck it up faster and harder than we ever thought possible, winning medals for doing so. But who cares, it's not YOUR fault ANY OF YOU *points at everyone AND himself*.

  • Ryankelley86

    To make an impossibility possible you must first fail. So, whether Mars One is a failure or a success, it will further our knowledge of future colonization of bodies outside the Earth. It will also be another learning experience in other aspects of science. 

  • Dave

    Good news. We need Colonies to other planets so that in case something happens to our planet humans will survive.
    If there are volunteers i do not see any problem to send them there to work on the first village. After some time we might be able to get them back to earth in their lifetime.

  • Harry Kuheim

    It's a one way trip too...which will never's illegal to send people off to die weither they volunteer or not.

  • JaiGuru

    Furthermore, the worst part about what they're doing is that it's just a  mimicry of the biosphere program, which was a complete failure in terms of generating a sustainable enclosed ecosystem. And we did that with the benefits of being able to walk outside and still breath when everything went to hell inside. Basing your colony on current technology is HORRIBLE! There's no plan b. You're there. Forever. We do not yet have a relaunch program that can be deployed from a wilderness scenario. The only people who could have a snowballs chance in hell at succeeding at this would be the army corps of engineers. And that's even assuming the work that would need to be done on runways, power generation and distribution (power source...don't say solar. We haven't figured that out here on Earth where we get tons more energy per hour than mars does). This is a suicide mission, plain and simple. For the love of god, Governments of the world: Do not let your citizens just blast off into space with a hope a dream. This is real life. Shit doesn't work out just because you're a plucky adventurer.

  • JaiGuru

     And that's even assuming the work that would need to be done on runways,
    power generation and distribution (power source...don't say solar. We
    haven't figured that out here on Earth where we get tons more energy per
    hour than mars does) can even be done within the HIGHLY different environmental settings of the native Martian system.