Kingston Reveals 1TB Thumbdrive

Kingston has revealed a new, fast, portable flash storage unit with epic capacity.

We're all used to thumb drives by now—they're so convenient and have such capacity they've killed the recordable CD and DVD and keep turning up in embarrassing government data loss news items. But if you're a fanatical thumb drive enthusiast you're probably going to need to sit down for this info: At the CES show Kingston revealed its DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 unit with one terrabyte of capacity.

The tiny 2.8-inch by 1-inch thumbdrive runs at USB 3.0 speeds and comes in 512 GB and 1 TB sizes—capacities you'd more normally associate with a large mains-powered desktop external hard drive. The price is as yet undisclosed, though you can probably expect it to be astronomical. The innovation does prove one thing, though: The end of the spinning storage disk really is approaching.

Is a 1TB thumbdrive something you'd use? Or is it asking for all sorts of terrible data-leaking accidents?

[Image: Flickr user william_christiansen]

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  • facebook-684411151

    I guess there's no place for my 16GB drive that dropped jaws just a year ago.  This will be great to deliver video on. 

    However can they NOT find a better trimmed fingernail.  C'mon...

  • Pete

    64GB flash drives go to around the $100's so multiply that by 10 then add more for branding. The point is that the technology is now out there amongst the big manufacturers (until Apple copies and patents it), wait about two years and we'll be having 1TB smartphones.

  • aL

    It's going to be AWESOME, imagine being able to backup large stores of data on such a tiny, ever-so-portable drive. Wonderful.

  • blueshift

    I think we need to compare average life before failure of spinning media with the average time to reach the block re-write limit of solid state media.

  • Jeremy Schoenberger

    I want it, I want it right frigg'n now. SooooOOOOOoooOOOooOOOoOoOOOooo much. 

  • laurabetterly

    Something I'd want.  I remember when I got an 20 Gig hard drive and it was huge!  

  • disqus_ywxkqrQUL6

    If you like file corruption, go ahead and keep using flash drives. Have fun.

  • tmm

    It's a guy's fingernail too. That gut hanging out on the counter/desk + the obvious hairy fingers = Dead giveaway. Get clipping, brother!

  • conserlione

    I think it is awesome, especially if one travels frequently and want to bring our full backup on board taking minimal space.... a dream!

  • Jonathan Wachob

    I'd be more interested in seeing the same technology being applied to main storage systems on Laptops to decrease the size and heat output.
    It is great that they developed it for a thumb drive, but a flashdrive that is 1TB would be more awesome, and uses the same technology!