Apple's 27-Inch iMacs Could Arrive Next Month

Another day, another thrilling Apple rumor.

The 27-inch model of the uber-thin iMac launched last year, which may mean the end of the road for Apple's 15-year-old desktop computer, is on its way. An updated page on the firm's online Store is saying that the larger-screen version is on its way soon, reports Device.

Although Apple originally stated that the iMacs would be shipping in January 2013, it seems that orders will be taken this month and shipping 3-4 weeks after that. The 21.5-inch models should be on their way in the next week or so.

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  • Demonkid

    Im typing this message from my brand new ultra thin 27" iMac which i got a week before christmas... so im a little puzzled at this story :-p

  • caitlynmayers

    Orders can already be placed - my 27" iMac was ordered mid-December and arrived last week. One would assume this trend will continue. This article seems out-of-date for being posted today. Either I'm ahead of the curve or your news is old.

  • billstreeter

    Indeed. I know several people who already have theirs and I think they're in the stores now. Also not really a rumor since they were announced at the keynote in the fall to ship in December. So I guess this article is just website filler that's not really based on anything at all. 

  • billstreeter

    I don't understand why the new iMac shipping would mean the "end of the road" for it. Nothing else reported in this post supports that statement. Seems to be a non-sequitur. If it's just speculation what is it based on? Intuition? The fact that the brand has been around for 15 years? If anything the trend seems that the iMac and the Mac Mini are the only two lines of desktops Apple is bothering to keep around, even thought they've hinted an the possibility of rolling out a revision of the Mac Pro later this year.