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iPhones And Americans: How Consumer Electronics Became A Trillion-Dollar Business

Global spending on consumer electronics will spike to $1.1 trillion this year, and iPhone-lovers in the U.S. are a big reason why.

It's easy to dismiss the Consumer Electronics Show going on right now in Las Vegas as a bit of a tech dinosaur—an event that Apple and even Microsoft shun as irrelevant to their plans. But new data from the Consumer Electronics Association suggests that global spending on CE goods will soar to $1.1 trillion during 2013, up about 4% on last year's figures.

In a pre-CES briefing, the CEA explained that much of the projected growth will come from emerging markets. Europe's CE spending will be flat as the economic crisis continues, and even the U.S. will only grow spending by some 2%.

Separately a study by Strategy Analytics pinpoints what devices Americans will be buying as part of this expenditure. Apple's iPhone topped SA's chart with 23.5% of those surveyed saying they planned to buy one during 2013. Android smartphones came second with 21.6% of the respondees planning to get one, just above portable PCs with a figure of 17.4%. Apple's other headline product, the iPad, came next at 15.3%, just above a big-news gadget, the smart TV (12.7%).

Which gadgets are you planning to buy in 2013? And do you think you'll spend more or less on consumer electronics than last year?

[Image: Flickr user LJR.Mike]

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  • sonu_chaurasiya

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  • FishyLuv

    This article is the worst form of article clickbait ever.  What does the headline even vaguely have to do with the pitiful "story?"

  • Nacho123

    enough of buying to many overpriced toys, I am taking Yoga instead

  • High IQ

    Apple is one of those companies that delivers what it promises. I will be purchasing a new iPhone this year for me and another one for my wife.

  • Johnny Brian

    This just shows why IQ is so low in the US.
    How can anyone keep believing the lies and propaganda from Apple?
    They have the worst Antennas, the worst quality design (metal & glass does NOT go well together), poor purple cameras, is way overpriced (price v.s. quality and functionality) and don't care about the environment nor human rights. The Retina got Burn Ins on the screen, it got pixel errors, the SSD got 10-100 times lower rewritable numbers than the normal industry.

    I expect to sell my sparkling Apple thingies in 2013, not buy new ones.

  • lindzy

    so i take it you are counting yourself in as one of the Americans with a low IQ considering you have "Apple thingies" you are planning to sell ?? I'd say Apple's gotta be doing something right to have the following they do, I myself have a macbook and recently changed from an HTC to an iPhone and couldn't be more pleased with it. Of my friends that do not have iPhones none of their operating systems or cameras or apps for that matter even compare to the quality of those on the iPod. 

  • Bothfeet

    Ah, an anti Apple shrill, most likely in the employ of another phone maker. The competition thinks that if it disparages the great stuff  Apple makes long enough the rest of us won't recognize the superior quality, style and design of Apple stuff. This tactic might work, the nazis used the "big lie" to great effect.

  • Graham Kelly

    its obvious you have never owned an apple device or you wouldn't say all this crap. your name says it all about you. you know nothing about business, design, customer demand and quality products. go back to playing with your cheap plastic androids.

  • Atalon

    It is obvious also that you must be one of that poor apple store salesman or... an apple shareholder. You should know there is life outside this fake world created by Apple. Wake up, man! Open your eyes!

  • 1TastyBeer

     I always think its funny when antifanboys assuming that anyone who actually has satisfaction with an apple product is automatically a brainwashed fanboy.   I currently have 4 cell phones in this house: an HTC, blackberry, android and iphone.  The iphone beats all of them, but its a personal preference.  Theres no fake world when it comes to having a gadget that simply works when you turn it on and doesnt require much more.  Now, i will probably switch back from the MacBook to a windows laptop, but I'm sticking with the iphone and ipad (we also have a Blackberry Playbook - want to buy it? its flipping crap)

  • pfdsa

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  • Ziggy Kratzer

    I will probably spend less, because last year I bought a whole new desktop gaming rig PC. However, I may get a new phone and/or a tablet this year, neither of which will be Apple products ;)

  • Sandcat

    I have noticed a trend - those who build their own rigs never buy Apple products.  It's close to a 1:1 ratio.

  • 1TastyBeer

     You would be wrong.  Both my partner and i are programmers - we have Apple in this house and a lot of it - we also have other products as well - for tinkering around with - but Apple is the one thing we use when we want to relax.