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To Really Lose Weight Ditch That Diet, Grab This Vibrating Fork

HAPIfork helps users monitor eating habits to avoid heartburn, weight gain.

Could the future of dieting be as simple as a smart fork? The makers of HAPIfork think so. The fork, which was introduced at this year's CES, uses electronic sensors to monitor users' eating habits. For example, if you eat too fast, an alert goes off. The fork uploads information about users' habits to an online dashboard to track your progress. An online "coach" helps users eat better and change their eating behavior.

The vibrating fork, according to The Telegraph, will be on Kickstarter and will be sold for $99.

HAPIfork's claim is that eating slower helps avoid digestive problems, acid reflux, and overeating. (The science on this can be complicated.) With all the diet programs out there, do you think this could be the trick?

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  • Jenn_Choi

    I think it's a great idea!  A vibrating utensil will remind users that they are eating.  It's a tactile reminder that is important because overeating happens when people aren't mindful when they are eating.  I can see this being used for kids who undereat!  I love this product!  I can't wait to have one.

  • lololol

    They should put in buffet, if one is full, fork vibrates and it can be use on other directions...LOL

  • turdfergsn

    I think people who already overeat don't need a fork to tell them.  And if they're hungry, no vibrating fork is going to get them to stop.  This looks like a good intention but a bad idea. 

    Now if the Hapifork could be strapped to the diner's hand and deliver electric shock... they might have something.  This version is too optional.

  • Anita

    First, we eat most of the bad-for-you stuff with our hands (burgers and fries anyone?) seccond, we eat out a lot more these days, and third, it seems just too plain annoying, but if it works for even a few people i'm all for it