The New York Police Department's iPhone app

It's likely not an accident that blue was picked as the homepage color. Eh, Steven Bochco?

Arresting, developments

It's on the Breaking News page that the app's info may give you pause before boarding that next uptown F train--as you can see crimes happening essentially *at this minute* all over town. Forcible Touching? Public Lewdness? Yeesh. On the plus side, this feature can really help by...

Can you help app(rehend) a crook?

Leading you to a section of the app wherein you can provide helpful details that may lead to an arrest. Goodbye tip line, hello tap line.

The dirty truth about crime stats

A less utilitarian, but still valuable, app feature lets users beef up their knowledge about what neighborhoods are safe and which are not. Good to know before you buy that condo!

Fort Apache is in the Bronx?

Know your police precincts. When a crime happens, things get very local, very fast.

Join the Thin Blue Line

Like what you see? A lot? So much that you are moved to join the NYPD IRL? This page is for you, Robert Duvall. (We Own The Night ref, anyone?)

Crime-fighting pays

All good deeds should go rewarded, right? Find out just how much the NYPD will pay you should they deem that the info you provided led to an arrest.

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New NYPD App Will Help You Fight Crime (And Make You Afraid Of The Subway)

Need to check out wanted rewards on the go? There's an app for that.

A new app from the NYPD will show you exactly how many acts of lewdness were reported on your subway line this morning. The New York Police Department has gone mobile with an iPhone app that allows the public to view wanted lists, crime statistics, breaking news, and wanted rewards. The new tool even lets the public submit crime tips directly from their mobile device.

The incredibly easy-to-use app, which was first reported by the New York Daily News, was quietly unveiled at the end of 2012. In addition to providing up-to-date crime information for safety-conscious New Yorkers, the app also provides contact information for each police precinct, precinct boundary locations, and information about how the good people of Gotham can join the NYPD.

The app is free and but has only been downloaded by a couple hundred users so far, an NYPD official told the Daily News. An Android version is expected to be released later this year.

The NYPD's new tool isn't perfect. For example, the app does not break down breaking news by precinct. When I tried to find out about breaking crimes in my neighborhood, I had to scroll through a series of crimes in Queens, a missing person in the Bronx, and much more before discovering the sad news about a shooting in my neighborhood. The crime stats and precinct boundaries are all readily available public information, but the app does include the breaking news bulletins crime reporters often receive from the NYPD.

Having all this information in the palm of my hand has already made me a bit obsessive, which I guess could theoretically help stop crime. On the flip side, paranoid New Yorker that I am, viewing the app has made me scared to ever ride the train again after reading about how much lewdness and forcible touching incidents were reported this morning. For crime buffs and citizens just looking to help out, though, this has the potential to be an incredibly valuable tool.

Surprised a police department is so tech savvy? Don't be: Last year the NYPD used Facebook to bust boastful criminals and show heartwarming photos of their work.

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