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It Was A Very Appy Christmas, As Downloads Broke Records

New analysis shows a massive surge of app downloads over the Christmas week, as new owners used the mobile devices Santa brought them

Analytics firm Flurry reports that for the Christmas week of 2012 there were some 1.76 billion app downloads for iOS and Android platforms. That's nearly one for every four people on the planet, and up 560 million on last year's figure (that's close to 50% growth).

604 million apps of that huge total for 2012 were downloaded in the U.S., but the overall share of the app market by U.S. consumers slipped dramatically to 34.3% as overall international growth of app consumption begins to outstrip the U.S. China took second place in total downloads, with 183 million, just above the U.K.'s 132 million.

Flurry also estimates (from its own server data extrapolated to the whole population) that some 17.4 million mobile devices were activated on Christmas day itself—another new record. Smartphones and tablets were the gift to give, apparently.

Did you get a new mobile device last week? If you did—how many apps did you download (my total was somewhere around 20 for the week!)?

[Image: Flickr user Oyvind Solstad]

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  • Sydney

    I didn't get a new device last week but I did download (and uninstall) lots and lots of apps! Last week there were deals and promotions that made me try apps that I wasn't planning on paying money for. 

  • Donna Saliter

    I didn't get a new device last week, but I do use a few apps here and there :). One of my favorites is still Google maps. I won't update my iOS because of it lol.

    Lately I've been wondering how many games are on Facebook. Wrote a blog last week on the subject of blocking game notifications and in my research, couldn't find a grand total of the current number of games. Any ideas? Would love to update that blog post with a distinct number.