Zaha Hadid Vs. The Architecture Pirates

The architecture superstar is facing off with rogue developers creating unauthorized replicas of her buildings in China.

Superstar architect Zaha Hadid is facing a unique, if somewhat flattering, challenge: Contractor pirates copying one of her new, under-construction buildings. Hadid's Wangjing SOHO complex in Beijing (pictured) was scheduled for a 2014 opening; however, rogue developers in the city of Chongqing are building an illegal copy of Wangjing SOHO called Meiquan 22nd Century, which will replicate the complex, without compensation, in the inland Chinese city.

Although Hadid and property developer partner Zhang Xin have good odds of winning litigation under Chinese intellectual property law, they cannot freeze construction on the pirated Chongqing process. Hadid's project manager, Satoshi Ohashi, told Der Spiegel that "it is possible that the Chongqing pirates got hold of some digital files or renderings of the project." For their part, Meiquan 22nd Century posted a statement on Sina Weibo saying that the project was "never meant to copy, only want to surpass."

[Image: Zaha Hadid Architects]

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  • Richard

    Thats the desperateness of a people that are always under punishment by there own government. LOL, Treason Government. Not that is any better in the US, our government is just as treasonous unfortunately the laws are set up that a person cant charge a sovereign body with treason. Otherwise country's like China and US there government would be placed under review of the people as a whole. While China lies to itself, others and its people also steals from other country, US does the same thing but trys to hide it from its people. So in a since US is worse than China. Atleast China encourages stealing from others while US steal from everybody and if its a really good invention that could change the world, hide it, seal it way, then steal it. SOO am I surprised, no, surprised this information leak didnt happen from inside the US to China.

  • bonooobong

    That's insane and the chinese party forgets totally about respecting and appreciating  someone's design and work... shame on them, and it doesn't depend on any local law...