Happy New Year iPhone Rumors!

What, you thought the Woody Allens of tech would take a year off?

According to developers who've contacted The Next Web, some software traces of the next iPhone hardware and iOS software from Apple have begun showing up in the logs of some apps. The hardware signature for the phone is "iPhone6,1," an obvious numerical jump from today's iPhone 5, which identifies itself online as "iPhone5,1" and "iPhone5,2," depending on which 4G bands it uses. The devices are also traceable back to an IP address at Apple's Cupertino campus, which suggests this is not an elaborate fake.

The news is striking because while this early test phase typically predates a new iPhone release by several months, it's far ahead of the expected Fall release date of the iPhone for 2013. The iPhone 5, Apple's current headline device, was released last September. The implication of this news is that Apple's new phone could arrive as soon as this summer, and that tallies with a recent independent rumor that also suggests Apple will choose novel IGZO tech for the phone's displays. A third rumor suggests Apple will avoid using its best manufacturing partner, frenemy Samsung, to make the chips inside the device.

Do you think Apple will release a new phone less than a year after its flagship iPhone 5 release? And if so, is that a good thing?

[Image: Flickr user Yutaka Tsutano]

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  • A d

    Bad move on them releasing a new iPhone so soon.  They're still selling more 4s then 5. They'll still get some diehard sales. 

  • Paul Turner

    Im getting tired of the iPhone and constant changes, none of them move forward much they are just money spinners now. When the time comes for my upgrade I will be making the move to Samsung... 

  • Teen__derp24

    Honestly iPhone 5S/6 better be good as hell! I mean the way it looks now is pretty good, but still looks pretty much the same is you actually look at it. Just same boring apps on your homescreen, slide to unlock, etc. nothing really new. Even with the olden days where iPhone 1 came out, the only thing really different is that its faster! You they really just added a notification center which has been on Android since whenever. The only reason why people actually buy this stuff now is cause its so mainstream, and everyone has it, and the Apple Logo is on it. People dont really care about the specs anymore in my opinion. I mean honestly Apple better improve the UI and the hardware (cause it breaks easily) because its pretty out dated. Look on Youtube or blogs. They have PLENTY of ideas there for what the next iPhone and software should be like. Its not a bad thing to get ideas from your users you know.

  • çikobest

    Does it have to be a good thing?

    As long all those apple fanboys and gals keep buying every gadget as soon as they come out apple will continue releasing new gadgets allmost identical to its previous models with minopr changes

    İts all about the cash

  • Steve Grossman

    I think Apple's got something going that's just amazing and no one has commented on it yet.
    I can use all my apple devices cross-platform through apple tv, iCloud and Airplay to a big screen television.  If you purchase Apple TV for $99 you can see your mac laptop on your tv, your iPad on your tv, and play your iPhone/ iPad music on your TV.   I see businesses having meetings with everyone in the audience having the ability to show their laptop screen on a big TV with a click of a button.  I have 2 iphones, a MBAir, and an iPad. I can add a contact, to one iphone and it appears instantly on my other iphone.  I can have someone call me from overseas on an email address using facetime for a video call using wifi and and my ipad and both iphones ring. No phone number necessary.  Yeah, I've read about Apple TV failing because they can't get a cable provider to support them.  And I have no idea how they plan to offer true cable service through apple tv.  They seem incompatible to me. To work, they'd have to run a cable provider through an apple tv icon. Now I have to use different HDMI ports for Apple TV, Direct TV and blue ray.  But if this is the "nut" that Steve Jobs said he "cracked", then you will soon be able to run everything through Apple TV using one HDMI port.  That would be amazing to me.  And the rest of the world.  It's a game changer.   When I show people how easy I can wirelessly steam my mac screen (and sound), iphone music and ipad screen (with hd videos) through appleTV to my big screen tv  (at 1080p) not broadcast 720p, they're all shocked.  I read one intelligent analyst's report that said that because of this cross-platform ability, he expect Google tablets to drop and Apple iPads to capture a greater market share.  I believe him.  If I didn't see it for myself I wouldn't believe it or get it.  I don't think 99% of the consumers have any clue what they can do now with the cross-platform devices. It blows my friends away. I don't think Apple even needs a cable provider.  What it does now is amazing.  But if they truly can add cable service through the same HDMI port and add it to an Apple TV icon, I'd be shocked.  It's like adding cable tv to a Netflix screen on a television.  Most people have 1 iphone and 1 ipad and don't see where this is going.  You also need a mac and apple tv.   Then you're in the next generation.  This will absolutely blow people away and Google's android won't be nearly as desirable.  I'm not sure this makes sense to anyone, so I apologize.  But I had the first version of Apple TV and saw where it was going.  When Apple introduced Airplay and iCloud I didn't think I needed it or wanted it. Then one day it all came together for me. This isn't about a cell phone or an ipad, or a mac or a television.  It's about integration.  And these Apple products individually are great, but the future isn't just the next generation of iphones.  Everyone loves streaming video, music and hi-re displays.  They're going in the right direction but most consumers don't see it yet.  You will soon.  

    Apple is still moving.  You just don't see it all yet. I'm absolutely convinced that Steve Jobs left a 4-year plan.  His "little" features and "hobbies" like Suri, Airplay, iCloud and Apple tv were more than that.  They're all integration components.  He's really not finished yet. Just wait.  

    Sorry for the very long post.  I just can't believe I'm the only one who has commented on this. It's huge.  Apple is working on the physical TV right now.  That's got to allow for the integration of the broadcast television through the same HDMI port on your TV and go through an Apple TV icon.  

    Please email me if you want to know more...sjg \at\ agencysf /dot/ com  

  • Chad Augur

    Who cares which platform they release this year. The reality is that these devices have a 3 year life span if you have AppleCare, you should be at a comfortable position, and ride it out. iPhone 5 users are pretty much guaranteed 3 years of support on whatever is new. 

  • Karenj

    Nope. Someday, people will grow tired of the new Apple thing because the "new" thing will not be as exciting anymore as they keep releasing something new in such a short time.

  • Sunny S.K. Lam

    Apple really needs to launch iPhone 6 asap to fight against its competitors and to protect its market share of global smartphone market from leaking.

  • BSL

    I have gotten to the point where I can't keep up anymore. I am just going to stick with my iPhone 4 until the thing dies. No need for me to waste money on something is basically use for email and text! 

  • Cali Teach

    I really don't see a problem with Apple's rollout... Seems to be working just fine for them. I don't think they expect people to go out and get a new phone every 12-15 months. They release a new computer line each year if not more often as well, but it doesn't get the same hype. Cell phone contracts typically work in 2yr increments. Therefore, for me, and for most I think... we upgrade every other year. I had the 3G, the 4, and now the 5.... Some friends are on the 3GS, 4S, and eventually whatever comes out in 2013. Not a big deal... I know some might question the point of going from a 4S to a 5, but from the 4 to the 5, it was a great upgrade in my opinion. I still sold my iPhone4 for $250 unlocked, and got my new phone for $10... Not a bad deal... 

  • Rex Tang

    If it's true, I'm excited for it!  If it's not true, I'm still glad that I won't have to consider upgrading to the new model in the mean time :)  

  • Mac Fan

    Sure nobody is really surprised about Apple releasing a new product...You have to if you want to be the most valuable company on the planet.  I am an Apple nut.  I own iPads, iPods, iMacs, Macbook Pros and more.  I am just so bored with all the hype.  If I have to wait 3 years for a really new iPhone that's cool.  But what I want is completely new and meaningful product.  Something that really is so revolutionarily radical that it makes my current phone obsolete.  Something way more than putting the headphone jack on the side of the phone(top -bottom -who cares!)...I am just tiered of supporting lame ass micro advancements in an already good product.  If it is going to be iPhone 6...it better be damn impressive.

  • Jessekkwong

    I agree with Mac Fan.  I think Apple is too money hungry.  Without Steve Jobs, I don't think Apple will be number 1 in the "Tech World".

  • Ping_the_one

     Welcome to the Apple ECO-system :-)

    Okay enough said with that, but I really doesn't understand how you as an "Apple Nut" can't see that Apple NEVER EVER going to release something that is bleeding edge, just look at the OS X kernel (Unix). The thing that made Apple "big" is because they take proven rock-solid solutions make them look nice and label it with a nice fat price.