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Conference Calendar February 2013

KEY: Rate of Learnability/Schmoozability/Costability on a scale of 1-12


1st-2nd: Food and the City Conference 2013, Austin
Rooftop gardens. 3-D-printed meat. The age of global food innovation is upon us.
Rating: 8

7th: Startup Product Summit, San Francisco
Designers and developers survey the (sometimes short) life of a product—from prototype to sunset.
Rating: 11

11th-12th: D: Dive Into Media Conference, Southern California
Captains of the media industry band together to face an ever-changing marketplace.
Rating: 12

18th-21st: SES, London
Under the guidance of digital marketing experts, advertising pros learn how to navigate big data.
Rating: 12

19th-21st: iGaming North America Conference, Las Vegas
How will Internet gambling regulations impact social gaming? Casino heads and i-gamers swap theories.
Rating: 11

25th-27th: ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit, National Harbor, Maryland
Entrepreneurs, researchers, and government reps explore the latest energy-sector developments.
Rating: 11

25th-1st: TED Active 2013: The Young. The Wise. The Undiscovered, Palm Springs, California
Hear TED-trademark talks on innovation, or participate in a series of project-oriented workshops.
Rating: 12

26th-27th: Inbound Marketing Summit, New York
Marketing aficionados trade tips on leveraging digital, mobile, and social media marketing.
Rating: 11

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