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Crowdsourcing Medical Journals

Cureus is a new free, crowdsourced medical journal designed for physicians to quickly publish research.

The move towards free, crowdsourced academic journals continues. A Palo Alto-based team launched Cureus, a new online medical journal, this week. Cureus offers physicians an opportunity to publish papers online for a mass audience while retaining copyrights, unlike traditional journals. Creator John Adler, a Stanford neurosurgeon, told the San Francisco Chronicle's Victoria Colliver that "we're trying to take the huge revolution in communication and blend it with the medical world [...] Medical journals are still stuck in this 200-year-old paradigm."

Most medical journals are locked behind paywalls online; the Internet's largest free database of medical journal articles, PubMed Central, has large content gaps. A somewhat similar project at Cornell University to offer free access to physics, mathematics, and computer science papers, arXiv, has become an academic staple in recent years. Earlier in 2012, Harvard University openly criticized the high cost of medical journals.

[Image: Flickr user 401(K) 2012]