Facing User Revolt, Instagram Changes Course On TOS

What a week they're having!

Well, that was fast. (Yes, yes, as fast as sharing a rad photo of a sunset.)

Earlier this week Facebook's photo-sharing service, Instagram, caused a major freak-out when it announced upcoming changes to its privacy and terms of service policies that suggested that the company could sell user photos to advertisers without seeking permission, offering payment, or even notifying the pic-taker.

So last night Instagram's CEO Kevin Systrom, facing a user exodus to other, competing sharing services (including by popular brands), reassured Instagramers that they own all their photos. He apoligized for all the confusion and closed by saying: "I’m proud that Instagram has a community that feels so strongly about a product we all love."

That's one way of putting it.

[Image: Photo by Kit Eaton, using 100 Cameras]

Do you plan to keep using Instagram—or are you ready to move on to another service?

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  • Valid

    Done with Instagram - The blatant disregard for their users was apparent in their wording of the agreement - a little too certain that nobody would actually read it - they can back pedal all they want I hope this has done them irreparable harm - greed destroys all good things and it will do that same to Facebook and Instagram and Twitter - I do not wish them luck - going outside now to see beautiful things in the real world - b bye

  • DS Wadeson

    I think people are massively over-reacting about this whole thing.  Yeah ok it's bad PR and the announcement was handled (and worded) badly but Instagram is a FREE service that has to monetize somehow.  

    Moreover, people delude themselves that any of their Instagram pictures are worth 'stealing' - and if they are good enough, what the hell are they doing putting them on Instagram anyway? 

  • Doc Huard

    I have left both facebook and instagram and have no plans on returing. I have reached a point where I see little benefit from their services and a major downside.