The Instagram Effect: National Geographic Suspends Its Popular Account

Un-psyched by the photo-sharing service's new TOS, National Geographic is one of the first big names considering dropping the app.

Instagram's revamped terms and conditions, which seemed to say Instagram and/or its parent company, Facebook, could sell your images for profit and not give you a penny, have upset many folks online. And though Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has had to react and has promised this won't happen, at least one big publisher isn't buying it: National Geographic, which has a prominent Instagram page, says it's "suspending new posts to Instagram" and may leave.

Do you, like National Geographic, doubt Instagram's integrity and think that after a short while Instagram/Facebook will carry out this plan anyway?

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  • Jonathan Wachob

    If I was NatGeo I'd believe Istagram's promise that it won't happen when I see it in contract.

    In Instagram's defense though; they have to do that to protect them legally. It is exactly like when you submit an idea to another company you forfeit any rights to the idea unless you have it in contract.

  • Teknoshamn

    If there's money to be made somehow, you should NOT trust any company who issues a TOS rigged in their favor.  I could care less about the spin and damage control their president makes - they've already let that horse out of the barn and created doubt (about their motivations) in the public mindset...

  • Ruhail Khan

    Instagram used to be fun but ever since its takeover by Facebook, we can witness an almost spontaneous downslide in its moral niche, probably to mirror and be in sync. with the facebook moral platform, which in any case stands fueled by its"founder[?] ...Extremely disturbing...

  • JeffreyMartin360Cities

    The language of the new Terms of Use was very clear, while the "apology" offered by Instagram was slippery, disingenuous, and just plain sleazy. I will never touch Instagram again.

  • Prashant K V

     Sadly, this goes on to publicly show the values of a company like Facebook

  • Santosha

    i have deleted my account as well, not that it makes a difference to instagram. But glad to see a big corporate take a tough stand.