Video Ads Could Be Coming To Your Facebook News Feed In 2013

The potentially lucrative ads might automatically play every time you opened up Facebook on your computer, phone, or tablet.

Hot on the heels of Instagram's "suicide note" of a policy change, which will soon allow it to sell your photos without your permission, comes more boat-rocking news from mama Facebook.

According to an AdAge report, automatically-playing video ads will begin popping up in your News Feed in the first half of 2013. Two of the industry executives cited in the report say the new video ads, which will show up in both the web and mobile versions of Facebook, will likely be around 15 seconds long, about half the length of the average 30-second commercial. They'll begin automatically playing as soon as you fire up Facebook, which is bound to be wildly controversial with users. However, the report says Facebook hasn't decided whether or not the audio component of the video ads will also autoplay when users sign on. As AdAge notes, the video ads would open up a new, from-scratch revenue stream for Facebook.

Would you be bothered by video ads that automatically played in your News Feed? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Dyjaco

    The changes are going to fast and not all devices are compatible and if compatible the owner has to pay in data. Less data means less being on facebook. Offcours they need to make money nothing is for free. Maybe time for a new group site. They have to stay at there cor strategy, hope they do or I will go to alternative with less commercial at the door.

  • Miranda Bouck

    I could deal with automatically played videos, because I'll just scroll past 'em just like I do the ads. Working in the industry has given me quite the glazed over look when any advertising is taking place anymore.

    But if they autoplay sound, considering me done.

  • Bld449425

    I am tired and annoyed of the pop ads that appear on Facebook now. Having videos play each time you log in will be even more annoying. I agree with Harkonnen, Facebook is the way I connect with family and friends. I do not want to connect with ads!

  • JasonGhiselin

    My "just barely" high-speed Inernet connection stalls on most steaming video...and FB already tends to freeze or get sluggish as it is. This might push me away.  I know there aren't many people in my situation, but there are some.  Higher speed service is availble to me, I'm just too cheap to pay for it (and don't want the cable TV I have to buy to get it).

  • Harkonnen

    Facebook is a personal experience where one connects with friends and family. Having video ads play right in the middle of this takes away from that. Sounds as if FB is testing people's limits and I wonder if this will be one of those thresholds that impacts usage.