NRA Deactivates Facebook Page

The NRA has shuttered its Facebook page, continuing a trend of PR silence in the wake of the Newtown tragedy.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) deactivated its Facebook page on Saturday, December 15, just one day after the Newtown school shooting. Last week, the NRA boasted on its page about the organization's 1.7 millionth "like" on Facebook. Since the Connecticut tragedy, the NRA has neither issued a public statement nor posted anything to its Twitter feed.

As of 9:45 a.m. Eastern time today, visitors to the NRA's webpage who seek to contact the organization receive a "please provide valid message" error; the NRA has not responded to an emailed request from Fast Company for comment.

One social media marketing expert tells Fast Company that shuttering the Facebook page was a mistake. According to Likeable Media CEO and Likeable Business author Dave Kerpen, the NRA should have kept the page online and "welcomed the conversation . . . as difficult as it may be. No message sometimes is a message."

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  • Linden

    As a former infantry squad leader during the Korean War I have shot people and watched them die.
     I have not touched a gun since 1951 and will never  use one. I feel no glory and have never talked about it and I think 20 to 25 percent of combat veterans agree with me.
        I think everyone who wants to purchase a gun for personal protection who has not killed a person should be required to watch an autopsy of someone who has been shot.
        I feel that most people that promote using guns for self protection are COWARDS, especially those who join organizations like GOA and NRA.
        I would like to see the 2nd Amendment abolished.

  • S. Taylor

    Thanks for your opinions.  Your history is not unique.  You will continue to be disappointed because the 2nd Amendment cannot be repealed without bringing this country to an end.  Far too many people won't allow it.

    I hope your move to Switzerland goes well.  Be Happy!!

  • disgusted with politics

    per existing gun laws (not sure if it was just a New Hampshire law or federal) you have to be 21 to purchase a gun in the first place.  I know this because I tried buying a .22 pistol for target practice at a range at 20, had a gun license to transport but couldn't purchase without a parent.   This doesn't control after market purchases which a gun ban won't prevent either, it will turn after market into black market.

  • KevinIvey

    perhaps if the 'kid' wasn't a 'Gamer', perhaps if his weirdness had been reported and the police had kept an eye on him, perhaps if someone/the Church in their community had taken them on as a project, perhaps if folks on the Left weren't crazier than the gun owners they despise, perhaps if those same folks didn't make death threats against the NRA staff,  perhaps if Mom had trigger locks on the guns. Perhaps.

  • S. Taylor

    Going to go buy an M4 tonight.  Just because I can....  Gonna buy another handgun too...  because it is my absolute right to do so..

  • Twist

    to S. Taylor. Maybe controlling crazy people is a great idea. Perpetrators of mass shootings have been overwhelmingly white, male, between the ages of 18 and 35, living in small Christian towns with an anti-feminist bent. Nobody fitting that profile should be allowed to come into contact with a gun. Maybe nothing too sharp either. Fucking VIOLENT, those people.

  • S. Taylor

    TWIST --  Your "facts" are questionable but still entertaining.  My point here is that the gun control debate never goes anywhere because guns are not the root cause of our problems.  Crazy people are.

    The gun control debate is pointless.  Guns are here to stay because the people with the guns say so.  Deal with it

  • Danielzinho

    Pro-gun people just aren't very smart.  They all think that they're Batman somewhere deep inside them.  Lol.  They're all completely delusional.  The fact that we are the only industrialized country that has such a bad gun violence problem, and that we are the only one that has such loose gun laws.. makes no connection to them.  These people are not smart.  They love their guns like they are children.  They are the mothers and fathers who refuse to accept that their child is dangerous because they're so attached.  Lol.  A bunch of idiots.

  • S. Taylor

    Hey Danny --  Hows that gun control in Chicago working?  Let go of the emotion and argue with your intellect.  There are no statistics that show that an unarmed populace is safer.  People like you clearly should not be armed.  You're far too emotional.

  • Jalbertharrison

    The place to look for statistics is in COUNTRIES that have enacted gun bans, not states.  States have extremely lax borders, countries do not.  So S. Taylor, using Chicago as an example is a lapse of logic that you are ridiculing others for.

    I would love to point out one thing.  I agree that the second amendment states that people have the right to "Bear Arms" nowhere does it say they have the right to carry guns.  The term arms refers to weapons.  A gun control law could not be unconstitutional because it is restricting a type of weapon.  Gun owners that refuse to abide by those laws if they get passed should be treated like terrorists that refuse to give up explosive ordinances that have been outlawed.  

    BTW Ruby Ridge is a sad reality of gun owners gone bad...

  • S. Taylor

    "bear arms" means to have, possess or carry.  Comparing America to any other country is like comparing apples and oranges.  Chicogo is a great example of gun control gone bad.

  • Bakerevans

    I have just tried to send the NRA a message on their website.  What cowards not to accept the opinions of many Americans!

  • Rafael Perez

    They are doing the responsible thing. The media is the one who's sensationalizing this insanity, making the shooter a household name and setting benchmarks for wannabe whackjobs. 

  • S. Taylor

    Why drag the NRA into this?  That organization had nothing to do with the fact that the Conn. shooter was crazy and on drugs!!

  • Sir Chasm

    If only those 6-year-olds had been packing heat, this tragedy could have been avoided. New NRA motto: A Gun In Every Lunch Box!

  • S. Taylor

    There is no discussion to be had.  There is no debate.  Guns are here to stay because we the people will not allow confiscation.  Start talking about controlling crazy people.

  • Guest

    I hate to break it to you but "crazy people" are here to stay. Even if mental health resources were increased100 fold, there will always be those who are missed by the system....until they commit mass murder. However, were there not the easily accessible automatic weapons, these mentally ill people often would not have the inner resources to procure them....simple facts...

  • Echo

    S. Taylor is quite right, if only b/c gun "enthusiasts" (by which I mean nuts) are more committed to keeping their weapons than to respecting the rule of law. Which is a sad commentary on the modern concept of patriotism, and an overwhelming endorsement of the NRA's success in convincing people to put the gun lobby's agenda ahead of their country.

  • S. Taylor

    ECHO --  Have we met?  You are pretending to know me.  You're hyperbole is one of the many reasons that the gun control debate should only in include people who are trained and experienced with guns.  All other speak from emotion.  There is no value in emotional responses.