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Google Comes To $6 Million Copyright Agreement With Belgian Newspapers

It's a copyright fee, but not as we know it. Also, spot the Googler in the picture below (clue, he's the one in the "creative" spectadoodles).

For over a decade it has enjoyed the fruits of its search links, but now it looks like Google is putting a bit of money old media's way.

The firm announced this week that it is to "partner with European newspapers"—that means shovel large-ish piles of money in the direction of the beleaguered dead tree press in order to avoid a copyright levy. The deal is this: Google will advertise in zee pages of zee papers, while zee online operations of zee papers will use zee Adwords and other Googly advertising solutions. Result? An estimated $6.5 million in compensation. Zut alors!

The search engine has long been the subject of muttered grumbles in Europe over compensation for its newspapers, which have been hemorrhaging money: in October of this year, Google threatened France with the removal of all links to French media from its search engine, echoing a move by 90% of Brazilian dailies a few days earlier. France had been making noises about levying a fee for search engines which link to content.

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