The Mail, New York Times Top List Of Most-Read Newspapers Online

As the fate of printed newspapers looks ever dimmer, attention swings to the online editions. Here's the most recent rankings.

ComScore has released a new chart outlining the most-read online newspapers in the world during October 2012. The Daily Mail, Britain's infamous tabloid (the first daily paper for the nation aimed at the lower middle class, according to Wikipedia), tops the list with its Mail Online page. It won with over 50 million unique visitors ages 15 and over. The New York Times brand came a close second with close to 49 million uniques.

Britain appears in the top 10 again with the Guardian and Telegraph properties in third and sixth places. The online version of the official Chinese government newspaper, the People's Daily, grabbed fifth place.

As the fate of printed news continues to look bad, statistics like this will be scrutinized by editors in newsrooms across the world.

[Image: Flickr user NSNewsflash]

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  • Harold Blair

    the NY Times is a liberal rag that is controlled by super rich power moguls- every word that America hears or reads is censored thru them- these evil men spent millions to hide Obama's past history and many more millions to keep the news about Obama's in-eligibility to be president out of the newsmedia-