Twitter's Photo Filters Are Here

Twitter's filters are ready to fill that Instagram-shaped, sepia-tinted hole in your heart.

Barely a day after Instagram cut Twitter off from its photo feed, Twitter has announced on its blog that its photo filter feature is up and running. The feature was developed in partnership with Aviary, a photo editing app.

In addition to adding, removing, or changing color, Twitter lets you crop and edit photos. An update is ready for iPhone and Android.

[Image: Twitter]

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  • Trendstop Team

    People will still use instagram, it is one of those apps people love. Instagram is now part of Facebook, so should expect a bit of a backlash from Twitter!

  • Teuku Irmansyah

    When i see my timeline...i feel so confused this is twitter or instagram timeline. Hope the Aviary can do better than this

  • Stacie S

    ah ha so that's why I can no longer see Instagram pictures right from Twitter, annoying. Guess I have to open each link individually now

  • Patchouli Woollahra

    You're confusing cause with effect - these filters have been in development for ages as a native alternative to Instagram. It may have started the moment Instagram was bought by FB and Twitter saw the writing on the wall - Twitter and FB have it in for each other for ages.

    Frankly, all this bullshit is hurting is customers.