FCC Tells FAA To Allow More Electronic Devices On Planes

Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the FCC, is pushing for the rules regarding the use of electronic devices to be relaxed in-flight. In a letter to Michael Huerta, acting administrator of the FAA, he has asked the aviation body to "enable greater use of tablets, e-readers and other portable devices." Electric shavers, hearing aids, portable voice recorders, and pacemakers are, of course, permitted.

This comes a few months after the aviation body announced it would undertake a study on the subject, although it concluded that "voice communications" during the duration of a flight were still verboten. The FAA is still strict about allowing passengers to use their devices during take-off and landing, despite the fact that there is still no evidence that the electronics on personal gadgets are as much a danger to avionic systems as, say, a flock of geese.

[Image by Addy Dugdale]

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  • Fakeemail

    Takeoff isnt about dangerous interference.  Its people not paying attention if they need to evacuate.  

  • hbomb1947

    If that were the case, then people shouldn't be reading books or listening to music on their in-seat entertainment system during takeoff either . . .  

  • Fakeremail

    You aren't allowed to listen to music during takeoff, that would require a portable electronic. And books and magazines leave your ears open so you're at least aware if there is an emergency.

  • Guest

    yeah, you are. albeit it normally has to be the audio jacks through the seats on united. which is essentially what harvey said.