John McAfee Suffers Possible Heart Attacks, Hospital Pics Tweeted

McAfee was complaining of chest pains.

John McAfee had two heart attacks while detained in Guatemala, his lawyer told Reuters. He was whisked away to a hospital by ambulance from the detention facility that held him since his arrest.

McAfee has been blogging micro-updates since his arrest, and also posted a call for support of his asylum plea. (It has to be said that he's also worked very hard to blur the line between fantasy and reality, particularly when it involves news about himself). Earlier today, Guatemala denied McAfee asylum.

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  • Jewpacabra

    He said "Please not in front of the press." And you still published a photo of him at his most vulnerable.

    Ethical journalism. 

  • Ramone

    You seem to be missing the point--the dude is faking! He's tryng to get asylum so he can avoid charges.

  • Alex Bailey

    Sorry, Ramone, I didn't realise you were a doctor treating McAfee. Oh, wait, hang on...

  • giorgiomax

    Ramone and the original were referring to "McAfee appeared unresponsive, BUT when nurses undressed him, he said quite clearly, "please not in front of the press".

    The note was pointing out that he was unresponsive but when Nurses started to undress him he reacted and ask them not to, how could he if he was "unresponsive"?, faking it.