Egypt Erupts Again: Now It's Soccer Hooligans Vs. Muslim Brotherhood In Cairo—And On Twitter

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians are marching onto the streets of Cairo. President Mohammed Morsi has fled the Presidential Palace. And Egyptians are recording every minute on Twitter.

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  • Omar Cassim

    Please note that "Muslim Brotherhood" in the context of this article and the current affairs of Egypt refers to a political party.  While this may be obvious to some, it is not hard to imagine the term being mis-understood by others to be representative of all people practicing the Muslim faith.

  • James

    Looks like the people of Egypt are wanting to keep freedom alive and not fall under oppressive radical Islamic rule. Don't be fooled the "Brotherhood" is the sheep in wolf's clothing. Power to the people, hope this rising can sweep in leadership open to all the people of Egypt, Muslim. Secular, Christian, whomever.